Jenkins : Wall Display Plugin

Plugin Information

View Wall Display Master Project on the plugin site for more information.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

A wall display that shows job build progress in a way suitable for public wall displays. Rendering is performed using javascript based on REST API calls, so requires no page refreshes. 

Demo and current development snapshot

For a live demo and the latest development snapshot see


Simply click on the 'Wall Display' link in the sidebar of your project. Configuration may be done globally via the jenkins administration screen and also via URL parameters (e.g. &theme=boss)

Sample Wall Display Tips

If you have a lot of jobs, try setting filters on your view. The follow example creates a wall display that only shows interesting builds, i.e. builds with any type of failure or builds that are currently building / in the build queue. 

Version History

Version 0.6.29
  • Bug fix - JENKINS-26873 Sorting by Status does not work correctly
Version 0.6.28
  • Bug fix - JENKINS-26745 : fix javascript error on undefined object
  • New Feature - The gravatar URL can now be configured in the plugin configuration (thanks to
  • New Feature - The Junit result display can be switched of now
  • New Feature - Jenkins display name feature is used for job name display
Version 0.6.26
  • Bug fix - If there is no custom CSS theme to display it will no longer cause a JavaScript error
  • Bug fix - If there is a custom CSS theme to display, it will no longer repeatedly add (jQuery 'append') the CSS to the page, it will be appended onto the page once.
Version 0.6.25
  • Bug fix/UI enhancement - When there are no jobs for the filter to show, it will now print "No jobs to display" instead of an empty page
Version 0.6.24
  • Bug fix - Where a job that does not have any health report information would cause a JS error and the job would not be displayed correctly.
Version 0.6.23
Version 0.6.22 (snapshot)
  • UI Tweaks
  • Custom theme CSS can be provided through the configuration screen
  • New/Updated job info screen - touch a job panel to see further information, e.g. claim details, culprits, plus direct links to test results, console and build details. 
  • Claim Improvements - claim shown while next job building, claims don't interfere with title placement.
Version 0.6.16 (11.10.2012)
  • JENKINS-14660 Plugin doesn't work when using the Nested View plugin (thanks to rodikal)
  • JENKINS-15482 OOM when clicking on a view link inside a nested view
  • Encoding fix
  • Updated dependency to Jenkins 1.424 for JDK 7 support
  • Basic sorting support
Version 0.6.13 (21.09.2012)
  • JENKINS-14660 add support for Nested View plugin (thanks to rodikal)
  • Restrict by last run date (thanks to gavD, see pull request for details)
  • Add Gravatar display on the build wall (thanks to athieriot, see pull request for details)
Version 0.6.12 (11.07.2012)
  • JENKINS-14379 Wall Display Plugin fails when hits the build with 'yellow' status
  • Support for font family selection
  • Added option to omit disabled builds
Version 0.6.10 (15.06.2012)
  • Fix for JENKINS-12452 WallDisplay Plugin incompatible with IE8
  • Make bright colour for burrent build a little darker to increase contrast to white text
  • Added the HTML5 style document type
Version 0.6.9 (09.03.2012)
  • Added configuration for build number display
  • Added configuration for culprit
  • Added Colorblind Theme
Version 0.6.8 (unknown)
  • fixed job flickering
  • support for job names containing spaces
  • new theme with a dark background
  • api read intverval as well as read timeout is now configurable via the jenkins management page
Version 0.6.7 (Dec 14, 2011)
  • added build progress display for aborted jobs
  • reduced data fetched via job api
  • fixed broken job updates
  • fixed flickering jobs
  • added "boss" theme
  • fixed removal of deleted builds
Version 0.6.5 (Nov 25, 2011)
  • Support for nested views
  • Fixed display of error messages
  • Plugin now automatically reloads the page when a new plugin version is detected
Version 0.6.4 (Nov 15, 2011)
  • Fixed job sorting order
Version 0.6.1 (Nov 11, 2011)
  • First Html/Javascript based release
  • General maven and matrix jobs support
Version 0.5.11 (Jul 13, 2011)
  • plugin fails to read manually set job names when build parameters are defined
Version 0.5.10 (Jul 12, 2011)
  • plugin didn't work for jobs with multiple properties showing up in the api
  • marking of jobs with failed api calls (magenta colored jobs)
  • paint queued markers also for running jobs
Version 0.5.9 (Jul 11, 2011)
  • job names to display are no longer taken from jobs description, instead is configurable now (sorry I had to alter the behavior, but I think the new solution is much cleaner since the jobs description is there for other purposes)
  • the time for computation of job progress is now taken from http response header
  • job height calculation for one column displays corrected
Version 0.5.7 (Jun 06, 2011)
  • plugin now also works for jobs containing spaces
Version 0.5.6 (May 20, 2011)
  • fixed incorrect error with jobs that have not been executed yet
  • corrected width calculation
Version 0.5.3 (Mar 17, 2011)
  • fixed incorrect display with viewnames containing spaces


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