Jenkins : User Account on Jenkins

New Users

Sign up from to create your account, and to subsequently manage it (e.g. update your password). This account gives you access to all our support infrastructure, such as JIRA and Wiki.

We're asking what you're using Jenkins for as an anti-spam measure only. We're not using that information for any purpose other than confirm you're a legitimate user. Try not to look like a (human) spammer when filling in that field.


I updated my profile but it's not reflected to Confluence

Confluence apparently internally caches your profile information, which only expires after certain period of inactivity. So come back tomorrow morning and it should be good.

I updated my profile but it's not reflected to JIRA

JIRA can only use our backend LDAP for authentication, and it stores your name and e-mail address separately. You can update it separately from here. In order to edit your profile just click on the small pencil in the top right corner of the details section.

I tried to create my account, but it told me to look here

You will need to send an email to the jenkinsci-accounts at mail alias to help prove you are a human, and not a robot, or a (human) spammer. At a minimum, provide in the email the userid you tried to register with, as well as the version of Jenkins you currently are running.

Anti-spam measures

Try to make your email look legitimate and not like it's written by someone who doesn't know anything or just read the home page. If we don't think your signup request is legitimate, it won't be approved. We're a popular target of human spammers, i.e. actual people with actual web browsers trying to post their spam in JIRA and the wiki.