Jenkins : URLTrigger Plugin

Plugin Information

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Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

URLTrigger plug-in makes it possible to monitor changes of the response got from an URL invocation.


Jenkins can be configured to poll URL changes.
The plug-in makes it possible to check the last modification date response and the response content of an URL invocation.
For the response content, you can check:

  • a simple response content (the content nature is not interpreted; a MD5 is used)
  • a TXT response content (the returned values from the evaluation of regular expressions are checked)
  • an XML response content (the returned values from the evaluation of XPath expressions are checked)
  • a JSON response content (the returned values from the evaluation of JSONPath expressions are checked)

Note: The plug-in uses only persistence in memory. There is no impact on the Jenkins infrastructure (no new files created).
This plugin provides a polling typology among the XTrigger Plugin.

Some Use cases

* This plugin enables users to check if new artifacts (such as binaries) have been deployed in a repository (managed for example by a repository manager such as Sonatype Nexus, JFrog Artifactory, Apache Archiva and so on).
* This plugin is useful to know if a stage of a pipeline (for a continuous testing, a continous delivery or a continuous deployment) has to be executed.

Known Limitations

Only http(s) and ftp URLs are supported. For non-http protocols, consider other XTrigger plugins such as the FSTrigger Plugin


Declarative Pipeline Syntax

pipeline {
    agent any
    triggers {
            cronTabSpec: '* * * * *',
            entries: [
                    url: '',
                    username: 'myuser',
                    password: 'mypassword',
                    checkETag: false,
                    checkStatus: true,
                    statusCode: 403,
                    checkLastModificationDate: true,
                    timeout: 200,
                    requestHeaders: [
                        RequestHeader( headerName: "Accept" , headerValue: "application/json" )
                    contentTypes: [
                                JsonContentEntry( jsonPath: 'level1.level2.level3' )
                    url: '',
                    requestHeaders: [
                        RequestHeader( headerName: "Accept" , headerValue: "application/xml" )
                    contentTypes: [
                                XMLContentEntry( xPath: 'level1/level2/level3' )
                    url: '',
                    contentTypes: [
                                TextContentEntry( regEx: "Hello.*" ),
                                TextContentEntry( regEx: "Goodbye.*" )
                    url: '',
                    contentTypes: [
    stages {
        stage( "Default stage" ) {
            steps {
                echo "This is a stage"

Comparison with similar plugins

This plugin supports all URL Change Trigger features and it includes all the fixes of the current URL Change Trigger issues.
And unlike the URL Change Trigger, URLTrigger plug-in is also able to check the content nature (TEXT, XML, JSON) of a file.
Additionally the plugin can be extended (in the same plugin or by an other plugin) to check other content type.


Release 0.47

Bugfix for the 'inspect content' checkbox being incorrectly set automatically.

Release 0.46

Pipeline compatibility.  As well as now supporting pipeline jobs, declarative syntax for triggers is supported.

Release 0.45

Bugfix: Triggers configured to check ETag values no longer build immediately on Jenkins startup

Release 0.44

Bugfix: Request Header functionality was causing null pointer exceptions when old config was used (JENKINS-51892)

Release 0.42

Tidied URL verification and removed unnecessary url GET.

Release 0.41

* allow to use jsonarray as root of input message

Release 0.40

* Fix JENKINS-28834 - Declare dependency on matrix project plugin

Release 0.39

* Fix JENKINS-29610 - Scheduling skipped when there is no label restriction (trigger-lib 0.33)
* Fix JENKINS-20712 - ETag/MTime saved in config.xml but there is no flag in job web page

Release 0.38

* Assign meaningful name to executor thread
* Be more explicit about failed content check preconditions

Release 0.37

* Fix JENKINS-20359 - Monitoring URL for JSON content change not working

Release 0.36

* Making the build compatible with Java 7

Release 0.35

* Fix JENKINS-17961 - URLTrigger does not poll when URL starts with environment variable

Release 0.34

* Fix JENKINS-18035 - Request to support HTTPS url monitoring in URLTrigger plugin

Release 0.33

* Fix regression on polling log from previous version

Release 0.32

* Fix JENKINS-18683 - Jenkins 1.522 config changes cannot be saved
* Fix JENKINS-18764 - NPE in URLTrigger when saving project configuration

Release 0.31

* Fix JENKINS-17641 - Unknown field 'logEnabled' in org.jenkinsci.lib.xtrigger.XTriggerCause

Release 0.30

* Fix JENKINS-17468 - NullPointerException in URLTrigger.getFTPResponse during startup

Release 0.29

* Add FTP Support

Release 0.28

* Fix JENKINS-16774 - URLTrigger gives severe error message instead of detecting change

Release 0.27

* warn user that only http is supported for URL protocol (added by ndeloof)

Release 0.26

* Fix JENKINS-14620 - Invalid configurations

Release 0.25

* Fix JENKINS-15564 - URLTrigger: Allow timeouts to be configurable

Release 0.24

* Fix JENKINS-14607 - URLTrigger "Polling error null"

Release 0.23

* Add the capability to check ETag response header

Release 0.22

* Add JENKINS_URL resolution at startup check
* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.17
* Update to envinject-lib 1.10

Release 0.21

* Add environment variables resolution at the trigger startup lifecycle
* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.16
* Update to envinject-lib 1.9

Release 0.20

* Upgrade to xtrigger-lib 0.14 (more log)

Release 0.19

* Restrict to successful family for URL content
* Exclude polling on unavailable services

Release 0.18

* Fix job restart when JENKINS URLs to check are unavailable at Jenkins startup

Release 0.17

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.12 (fix link to polling log to appear on build console)

Release 0.16

* Fix TXT content type detection

Release 0.15

* Fix JENKINS-12912 - URLTtrigger does not poll on jobs which are tied to disconnected slaves

Release 0.14

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.8

Release 0.13

* Fix the hang problem (JENKINS-12696)

Release 0.11

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.7

Release 0.10

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.2
* Fix JENKINS-12213 - Polling error org/jenkinsci/plugins/envinject/EnvInjectAction" when monitoring build number url

Release 0.9

* Fix JENKINS-11859 - Stream closed" when monitoring a jenkins job build number

Release 0.8

* Environment variables are taken into account

Release 0.7

* Add proxy configuration if needed

Release 0.6

* Fix JENKINS-11273 - Basic Authentication support in urltrigger

Release 0.5.1

* Fix TXT Content type saving

Release 0.5

* Change 'Add Button' label
* Fix JENKINS-10731 - XMLContentType didn't update initial results HashMap
* Fix JENKINS-10728 - URLTrigger, config.jelly and checkLastModificationDate should be optionalBlock

Release 0.4.3

* Add message when there are no URLs to poll

Release 0.4.2

* Fix NullPointerException when there is no URL entry

Release 0.4.1

* Fix a NullPointerException at Jenkins startup
* Add a delete button on the configuration page to remove an entry section

Release 0.4

* Add Text Content check

Release 0.3

* Add JSON content check
* Technical features: additional unit tests

Release 0.2

* Add poll changes of URL contents

Release 0.1

* Initial release