Jenkins : TestingBot Selenium Plugin



Plugin Information

View TestingBot on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows for integration of TestingBot Selenium in Jenkins.

TestingBot provides cross browser testing in the cloud.With this plugin you can:

  • Manage your API credentials
  • Run your Selenium tests with the TestingBot Tunnel
  • See videos/screenshots of your Selenium tests inside Jenkins
  • Report test results to TestingBot


Once you've installed the plugin you'll see 2 new input fields where you can enter your TestingBot API key and secret.
You'll find these input fields by clicking "Manage Jenkins", "Configure System".
To obtain an API key and secret, please go to

TestingBot Tunnel

To use the TestingBot Tunnel which will be used during every test, please go to the job configuration page.
By using the TestingBot tunnel you can test your local webapp. More info about this tunnel is available on TestingBot's Tunnel page.

Test Reports

You can choose to enable TestingBot reports, which will display a video and screenshots of your Selenium tests.
This feature needs to be enabled on the job configuration page. 


Version 1.13


  • Update tunnel version to latest
  • General bugfixes and improvements

Version 1.8


  • Fix deprecated warning getTestResultAction() with getAction(AbstractTestResultAction.class)

Version 1.7


  • Improved API sending to TestingBot
  • Updated tunnel to latest 1.16 version
  • Added TestingBot report + link on the job summary pages

Version 1.4


  • Fix wrong link to testingbot report in the test result sidebar
  • Added new TestingBot tunnel code

Version 1.3


Fix null-pointer exceptions when trying to scan test output for sessionIDs.

Version 1.2

2012-02-21 Initial version


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