Jenkins : Team Concert Git Plugin

Plugin Information

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Integrates Jenkins with Rational Team Concert for Jenkins Builds which use Git as source control. This plugin will create traceability links from a Jenkins build to Rational Team Concert Work Items and build results.

This plugin adds traceability links from a Jenkins build to an RTC build result.  It also publishes links to work items and annotates the change log generated by Jenkins with links to RTC Work Items; It leverages the current RTC features and workflows that users are already familiar with such as, emails, toaster popups, reporting, dashboards, etc.


Rational Team Concert Help Topics

  1. Rational Team Concert Build Overview
  2. Hudson/Jenkins build engine type (only if RTC Build integration is required).

Working with Rational Team Concert and Git

In addition to this plugin, Rational Team Concert can be used in teams which use Git as the configuration management system. Following links explain how you can use IBM Rational Team Concert to manage process enforcement for Git source control operations and to associate work items with Git commits.

  1. Integrating Rational Team Concert and Git
  2. Setup for using Git Integration features of Rational Team Concert
  3. Understanding the Git Integration features in Rational Team Concert



  • This plugin requires Git to be the Source Code Management system and works for freestyle software and pipeline projects which use Git Client plugin for accessing the Git source repository.
  • Freestyle projects
    • Jenkins version 1.625.1 and above
  • Pipeline projects 
    • Jenkins version 2.60 and above, Pipeline job plugin 2.11 and above 


  • This plugin needs Rational Team Concert server 5.0.2 or above (till 6.0.6)

Jenkins Job Configuration

Freestyle job

  1. Create a new free-style software project or open configure page of an existing project.
    Note: Make sure Git is selected in the "Source Code Management" section and is configured correctly.
  2. Find the "Build" section click on "Add Build Step" and select "Rational Team Concert(RTC) integration with Git"

    • Note: It is recommended that you only add one instance of this RTC build step per Jenkins job and make sure the RTC build step is the first step to be executed.
  3. Configuring the Rational Team Concert server connection
    1. To configure the Rational Team Concert server, enter the RTC connection settings and specify the credentials to use when logging into RTC for polling and linking.

      • Note: Credentials are managed by theCredentials plugin. The Team Concert plugin supports username and password type credentials. Credentials can be defined within a domain or a folder (if you are using the folder's plugin).
    2. Click the "Test connection" button to verify the repository connection details.
  4. Specify the valid Jenkins URL to be used. This is a work around for the cases where the plugin programmatically cannot find the URL of the Jenkins instance. It is recommended that you provide this information to make sure that the tractability links get created correctly.
  5. To enable the integration between this plugin and RTC Build
    1. Enter a build definition ID.  See the Hudson/Jenkins build engine type help topic to learn how to create a Jenkins build definition. Make sure the build definition created in RTC does not have any Source control option set.
      • Click the "Validate build definition" button to verify the RTC build definition exists.
  6. To annotate the change log with RTC work item links select the option "Annotate Change log with work items links"

  7. To enable the integration between this plugin and RTC Work items enable the option "Enable RTC Work Item Integration" and in the drop down combo select the appropriate linking option

  8. This plugin can update the status of the Jenkins build as comment in a RTC work item. To enable this
    1. Select the option "Update RTC Work Item with build status"
    2. Mention the id of a valid work item in RTC. Note that you can provide a Job parameter but, validation will not work.
    3. Click the "Validate Work Item" button to verify the RTC Work Item exists.

  9. Click the "Save" button to save the settings and return to the job page.

Pipeline Jobs

Note : Refer to Requirements section for pipeline jobs
  1. For a Pipeline project, use the Pipeline Syntax option to generate a code snippet and use it in your pipeline script.

Plugin Features

  • Integrating with RTC Builds by creating a build result for a Jenkins build and adding work item information from the Git commit comment
  • Creating a link to Jenkins build in the work items mentioned in the Git commit comment.
  • Annotating work item references in the change log of a Jenkins build with links to RTC work items
  • Updating Jenkins build status in a work item.

Supported work item keywords

The following keywords are supported :

  • rtcwi
  • workitem
  • work item
  • defect
  • task
  • bug (deprecated)

Note : We recommend using rtcwi keyword for referencing RTC work items in a commit comment.


This section can be used to capture the log when debugging a problem with the plugin.

  1. Navigate to the Jenkins /log page (Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > System Log) and click the "Add new log recorder" button.
  2. Name it something like "RTC Log" and click the "Add" button to add a logger.
  3. Enter a logger of "" and set the log level to "FINER".
  4. Click the "Save" button.
  5. Return to this log if a problem is ever experienced using this plugin.  The log will help to identify the problem.

Change log

2.0.0 June 15, 2018

  • Support for pipeline projects

    • Work Item 365450: Make TeamConcert-Git plugin compatible with pipeline (formerly workflow)

  • Update work item with build status now supports Job parameters in a Freestyle job.

    • Work Item 451092: Support parameterization of the "Update RTC work item with build status" field

  • Support for two new keywords rtcwi and work item

    • Work Item 460949: Support rtcwi and work item in Changelog Annotator

  • Upgrade to parent pom 2.29

    • Work Item 447619: Upgrade to parent pom 2.29

  • Upgrade to Jenkins core 1.625.1
    • Work Item 449355: Finalize the minimum required Jenkins core version to 1.625.1

  • Fix list:

    • Work Item 416856: [Team Concert Git Plugin] RTC Build is not completed if "Track build work item" is not specified.

GitHub commit link - 3549102d

1.0.10 October 10, 2014

  1. Translation Update

1.0.7 June 24, 2014

  1. Initial version of the plugin