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No information for the plugin 'todos' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

This Jenkins plugin generates the trend report for TODO, FIXME and similar comments found in project files.


This plugin is fully functional and pretty usable but it is NOT an official Jenkins plugin. It wasn't accepted by the Jenkins team, because it partially duplicates functionality of already existing Task Scanner Plugin. The consequences are that Jenkins project infrastructure can't be used for releases, Jenkins Update Center for installation and updates, Jenkins Jira to track possible issues or feature requests and header of this wiki page to track all meta information including a size of user base.

Please use infrastructure of TODOs project to ask questions, create feature request or bug reports.

Michal Turek


This Jenkins plugin generates the trend report for TODOs (, an open source utility that searches TODO, FIXME and similar comments in project files.

  • You can specify the files to scan after a build.
  • Report summary with count of comments and files.
  • Report details in form of sortable table with highlighted differences between current and previous report.
  • Trend graph that displays results from all builds.
  • English, Czech and Russian localization. (Please help to localize this plugin for your locale!)



Configuring the plugin should be self-explanatory. You simply need to generate TODOs XML report and activate TODOs publisher in the project configuration page. Add the path to report files you would like to use and save the configuration. Then the next build will report the comments that were found and the second build will show the trend.

# Minimal configuration, analyze current directory --out-xml todos.xml

# Output also 5 lines of context, analyze all source directories --after-context 5 --out-xml todos.xml src*

# Optionally rewrite existing output file, ignore some directories --force --suppressed .git build dist --after-context 5 --out-xml todos.xml .



Version 1.0 (Jan 19, 2014)

  • Initial version.

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