Jenkins : Sumologic Publisher Plugin

This plugin allows users to send Jenkins Master, Slaves, Jobs information to SumoLogic. 
Visit SumoLogic Jenkins App for more information on types of logs and data sent to SumoLogic.

Plugin Information

View Sumologic Publisher on the plugin site for more information.


The aim of the SumoLogic publisher plugin is to provide ability to send Jenkins System and Jobs information to SumoLogic and Monitor the Jenkins system using the SumoLogic Jenkins App. It also helps to monitor multiple Jenkins Master at a single place (SumoLogic).


Refer to the README in the plugin repository.



  • Sumo HTTP URL encryption.
  • Added a button to test the Sumo HTTP URL.
  • Added groovy script for Jenkins Plugin configuration during Jenkins restart.
  • Added filter condition for sumo log handler.


  • Contains Pipeline and Multi-branch pipeline support.
  • Added Audit information.
  • Added Metric Information.
  • Added Health related information for every Slave.
  • Added SumoLogic Search Logs button on every build.
  • Added support for sending logs for every job as well as specific jobs.
  • Added support for customisation of type of logs that can be sent to SumoLogic.
  • Added support for pipeline console logs identified by stage name.
  • Added support for Source Control Management.
  • Added support for configuration change.  


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