Jenkins : Subversion Release Manager

Plugin Information

Distribution of this plugin has been suspended due to unresolved security vulnerabilities, see below.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

This plugin allows you to set up a job in Jenkins for building specific revisions of a project.
Be sure to select both "Use Subversion Release Manager" in the top section of the job configuration page, and select "Subversion Release" for the SCM type, rather than the standard Subversion SCM.

Here is a screenshot of this project configured to use the plugin.

Today it uses a copy of SubversionSCM named SubversionReleaseSCM, but would only require a small change to SubversionSCM.CheckOutTask to work with the core code.

Here is the change that is needed. Just look for the java comments that start with EDIT.

  1. Add a String field for the revision
  2. In the constructor, retrieve the revision number from the environment variable.
  3. Set the revision to check out based on the value stored in revision field if not null
    Here is a link to the patch request: JENKINS-3207 CheckOutTask
     * Either run "svn co" or "svn up" equivalent.
    private static class CheckOutTask implements FileCallable<List<External>> {
        private final ISVNAuthenticationProvider authProvider;
        private final Date timestamp;
        // true to "svn update", false to "svn checkout".
        private boolean update;
        private final TaskListener listener;
        private final ModuleLocation[] locations;
        //EDIT (1) next line added by piascikj for building specific revision
        private String revision;

        public CheckOutTask(AbstractBuild<?, ?> build, SubversionSCM parent, Date timestamp, boolean update, TaskListener listener) {
            this.authProvider = parent.getDescriptor().createAuthenticationProvider();
            this.timestamp = timestamp;
            this.update = update;
            this.listener = listener;
            this.locations = parent.getLocations(build);
            //EDIT (2) next line added by piascikj for building specific revision
            this.revision = build.getEnvVars().get("REVISION");

        public List<External> invoke(File ws, VirtualChannel channel) throws IOException {
            final SVNClientManager manager = createSvnClientManager(authProvider);
            try {
                final SVNUpdateClient svnuc = manager.getUpdateClient();
                final List<External> externals = new ArrayList<External>(); // store discovered externals to here
                //EDIT next line removed by piascikj for building specific revision
                //final SVNRevision revision = SVNRevision.create(timestamp);
                //EDIT (3) next 6 lines added by piascikj for building specific revision
                SVNRevision revision = SVNRevision.create(timestamp);
                try {
                	if (this.revision != null) revision = SVNRevision.create(Long.parseLong(this.revision));
                } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
                	listener.getLogger().println("Unable to parse revision number from value: " + this.revision + ", checking out HEAD revision.");
                if(update) {
                    for (final ModuleLocation l : locations) {
                        try {
                            listener.getLogger().println("Updating "+ l.remote);

                            File local = new File(ws, l.local);
                            svnuc.setEventHandler(new SubversionUpdateEventHandler(listener.getLogger(), externals,local,l.local));
                            svnuc.doUpdate(local.getCanonicalFile(), l.getRevision(revision), true);

                        } catch (final SVNException e) {
                            if(e.getErrorMessage().getErrorCode()== SVNErrorCode.WC_LOCKED) {
                                // work space locked. try fresh check out
                                listener.getLogger().println("Workspace appear to be locked, so getting a fresh workspace");
                                update = false;
                                return invoke(ws,channel);
                            if(e.getErrorMessage().getErrorCode()== SVNErrorCode.WC_OBSTRUCTED_UPDATE) {
                                // JENKINS-1882. If existence of local files cause an update to fail,
                                // revert to fresh check out
                                listener.getLogger().println(e.getMessage()); // show why this happened. Sometimes this is caused by having a build artifact in the repository.
                                listener.getLogger().println("Updated failed due to local files. Getting a fresh workspace");
                                update = false;
                                return invoke(ws,channel);

                            e.printStackTrace(listener.error("Failed to update "+l.remote));
                            // trouble-shooting probe for #591
                            if(e.getErrorMessage().getErrorCode()== SVNErrorCode.WC_NOT_LOCKED) {
                                listener.getLogger().println("Polled jobs are "+ Hudson.getInstance().getDescriptorByType(SCMTrigger.DescriptorImpl.class).getItemsBeingPolled());
                            return null;
                } else {

                    // buffer the output by a separate thread so that the update operation
                    // won't be blocked by the remoting of the data
                    PipedOutputStream pos = new PipedOutputStream();
                    StreamCopyThread sct = new StreamCopyThread("svn log copier", new PipedInputStream(pos), listener.getLogger());

                    for (final ModuleLocation l : locations) {
                        try {
                            listener.getLogger().println("Checking out "+l.remote);

                            File local = new File(ws, l.local);
                            svnuc.setEventHandler(new SubversionUpdateEventHandler(new PrintStream(pos), externals, local, l.local));
                            svnuc.doCheckout(l.getSVNURL(), local.getCanonicalFile(), SVNRevision.HEAD, l.getRevision(revision), true);
                        } catch (SVNException e) {
                            e.printStackTrace(listener.error("Failed to check out "+l.remote));
                            return null;

                    try {
						sct.join(); // wait for all data to be piped.
					} catch (InterruptedException e) {
                        throw new IOException2("interrupted",e);

                try {
                    for (final ModuleLocation l : locations) {
                        SVNDirEntry dir = manager.createRepository(l.getSVNURL(),true).info("/",-1);
                        if(dir!=null) {// I don't think this can ever be null, but be defensive
                            if(dir.getDate()!=null && dir.getDate().after(new Date())) // see that reported this being null.
                } catch (SVNException e) {
                    LOGGER.log(Level.INFO,"Failed to estimate the remote time stamp",e);

                return externals;
            } finally {

        private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

Change Log

Version 1.2 (2010-11-03)
  • Fix a couple help links
Version 1.1 (2010-03-01)
  • Thread safety fix for compare and build actions
  • Change maxRevisions field validation to client-side
  • Fix help link and add content
  • Misc cleanup and javadoc updates
  • Bump version up to 1.1 since there's a 1.0 out there even though 0.2 was the last release
Version 0.2 (2009-12-29)
  • Fix broken image
  • Update uses of deprecated APIs
Version 0.1 (2009-03-27)
  • Initial release