Jenkins : SVNCompat14 Plugin

This plugin forces the built-in SVNKit library to use the Subversion 1.4 working copy format (instead of the most recent one it supports).

Plugin Information

View SVN 1.4 Compatibility on the plugin site for more information.


As of version 1.243, Hudson now uses Subversion 1.4 compatible format when creating a new workspace, while still supporting Subversion 1.5 compatible format if it's already there. This eliminates the need for the SVNCompat14 Plugin.

As of version 1.238, Hudson started to bundle SVNKit 1.2.0-beta-2 to support svn:// access to Subversion 1.5 servers.

This also meant that working copies created by Hudson when checking out were in the version 1.5 working copy format. This caused problems, if a build process involved some external tools that were still based on the Subversion 1.4.x line (e.g. "Client too old" warnings, see comments in issue 1856). Updating these external tools did solve the problems, but sometimes this was not an option.

  • When this plugin is installed, SVNKit will act as a Subversion 1.4 client.
  • To return to Hudson's default behaviour (i.e. let SVNKit choose the most recent working copy file format it supports), just uninstall the plugin.
  • This plugin has no user interface - you won't notice any new GUI gagdet.
  • Currently, this is a global setting, affecting all projects hosted within a single Hudson instance. 


Release 1.1 (2011-11-19)

  • JENKINS-11805

Release 1.0