Jenkins : SSH User Agent plugin

Plugin Information

View SSH User Agent on the plugin site for more information.


This plugin allows you to manage agents running on *nix machines over SSH using User's Credential Store. This is forked and inherited from SSH-Slaves Plugin.

Advantages over SSH Slaves Plugin:

  1. It would enable the Management of Nodes through the User Credential Store instead of Global ones, enhancing the security of the Jenkins Users.
  2. Other users can't see the credential ID's that are stored for Management of Nodes.
  3. Dynamically adding/deleting user specific nodes would become easier

Adding User Scoped Credentials:

After logging into Jenkins, click topleft corner on the user name → Credentials → Add Credentials in Stores Scoped to Use.

NOTE: Only user who created credentials can update/delete credentials.

Configuring the Node:

Manage Jenkins → Manage Nodes → New Node

Documentation is in Progress!

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