Jenkins : PureCoverage plugin

Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'pure-coverage-publisher' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

PureCoverage plugin reports coverage results from Rational PureCoverage tool (c++ coverage tool).
The plugin takes flat text file ('export' file) as input so you need to make your build export PureCoverage report in this format.

Tested with large report files.


  • NOTE - After spending a number of hours pulling my hair out -> this plugin version only works on the text output from the UNIX version of purecov, NOT on the windows output from 'coverage.exe' - the formats are totally different.
  • I only use it with free-style project-type jobs so I cannot grant it works with maven2 project-type jobs.
  • It doesn't accumulate reports in case there are multiple report files

Compilation 6th May 2010:

  • NOT completely tested! (so not checked in...)
  • Code '' @ revision 30769
  • This plugin was originally coded against Hudson '1.258'. I have successfully recompiled against '1.356', after:

From \pom.xml, Completely removing:

    <!-- Finally, the slowest repository of them all -->
        <!-- only look for jars here when they are not present locally -->

To adding:

public BuildStepMonitor getRequiredMonitorService()
	return BuildStepMonitor.BUILD;


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