Jenkins : Post Completed Build Result Plugin

Plugin Information

View post-completed-build-result on the plugin site for more information.

Post Completed Build Result Plugin

Once activated and set up, the Post Completed Build Result Plugin makes Jenkins post to a given URL each build result url once completed.

For example, a job named sampleJob would post the body url=http://localhost:8080/jenkins/job/sampleJob/13/ to the URL configured.

This plugin comes handy when you want an external tool to be notified a build was completed (this external tool will then be able to get more detail querying the build result url).

How to build and test :

Simply clone this repo and run mvn clean install hpi:run

How does that work ?

Install the plugin and go to the configuration page (http://localhost:8080/jenkins/configure for example)

From there, configure the URL you want each build to post to :

Now, each time a build is completed, Jenkins will post the build result URL to the configured URL :

INFO: myJob #5 main build action completed: SUCCESS
Nov 07, 2013 4:12:42 PM org.terracotta.jenkins.plugins.postcompleted.PostCompletedRunListener onCompleted
INFO: myJob#5 is posting its result url : http://localhost:8080/jenkins/job/plof/5/ to : http://localhost:8080/ping

Authors :

This plugin was developed by Terracotta, by


Apache 2 licensed (see LICENSE.txt)