Jenkins : Plugin Documentation Missing

This is a landing page for plugins in the Update Centre that do not have a wiki page

Why am I here?

If you clicked on a plugin link in the Jenkins plugin manager and ended up here, this means that particular plugin does not supply a plugin wiki page.
Or if it does have a wiki page, the developer has failed to link to the correct URL in the plugin's metadata.

For you, this unfortunately means that there is no good way to get more information about what the plugin does, how to use it, what the recent changes are, and how to find the source code, or report issues.
Likely it will also be hard to find more information, but there are some possible tips below.

Why am I seeing this now?

Previously, this plugin had no wiki link in the plugin manager.
But it was decided in mid-2015 to enforce that, for the benefit of users, all Jenkins plugins must provide a wiki page.

Plugins which do not add this documentation, such as the one you clicked on, will be removed from the Jenkins Update Centre before the end of 2015.

Where can I find more info?

Finding plugin documentation and source code

The plugin source code may contain a "README" file with more information.
You can search the Jenkins GitHub account for the relevant plugin.

Otherwise, most plugins should (hopefully) provide inline help, e.g. when you install the plugin and try to configure it, there should be a help icon next to each config field.

Finding where to report plugin issues

You can try searching the issue tracker for the plugin in question.
If there is a component for this plugin, you can report the issue there.

Otherwise, there's not too much we can do to help; but you can try asking on the users' mailing list to see if anybody has had a similar problem.

How can I help?

Providing documentation is a prerequisite to hosting a plugin with Jenkins, and the vast majority of plugins do have this, but unfortunately mostly older plugins do not supply this information.

If you're using a plugin without a wiki page, and the plugin is useful (i.e. it should not be removed from the update centre), please try and get a wiki page added:

  • Contact the plugin developer(s), asking them to create and link to a wiki page
    • You can (probably) find their email address in the pom.xml file at the root of the source code repository


If you have any questions about this page, you can ask on the developers' mailing list.