Jenkins : Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin

Plugin Information

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Plugin for analyzing Jenkins pipeline (formerly workflow) runs by inspecting the directed acyclic graph of FlowNodes that comprises them. Intended for where dependencies prevent it from being including in the workflow api plugin.


1.10 (15 May 2019)

This plugin now requires Jenkins 2.138.4 or newer.

  • JENKINS-39203 - Integrate with a new API provided by Pipeline: API Plugin version 2.34 that makes it possible for Pipeline steps to report additional status information. In combination with new Pipeline steps provided by Pipeline: Basic Steps Plugin version 2.16 and updates to other steps such as those in JUnit Plugin version 1.28, this change allows visualizations such as Blue Ocean to identify the stage that caused a build to become UNSTABLE and display it appropriately.
    • This behavior can be disabled by setting the system property org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.pipelinegraphanalysis.StatusAndTiming.DISABLE_WARNING_ACTION_LOOKUP to "true", or by setting the static variable of the same name to true via the Jenkins script console.
  • JENKINS-43292 - The status of aborted parallel branches (for example branches that are aborted due to failFast: true) is now correctly computed as ABORTED rather than FAILURE.
  • JENKINS-55255 - The status of chunks that complete with a FlowInterruptedException is now computed using FlowInterruptedException.result instead of assuming the result is ABORTED

1.9 (14 Nov 2018)

  • Bugfix: Regression from 1.8 - AbortException is a true failure not just an aborted case

1.8 (14 Nov 2018)

  • Mark parts of the Pipeline as ABORTED status when we're explicitly halting vs timeouts, etc (thanks community member Georg Henzler)

1.7 (25 June 2018)

  • Bump dependencies to resolve plugin compatibility test (PCT) failures
  • Better handle TimeoutExceptions & InterruptedException while trying to determine if step is an input step

1.6 (3 Jan 2018)

  • Support skipped status for parallels (Declarative Pipeline) - JENKINS-47219
  • Small restructure of how license info is stored (thanks to Victor Martinez)

1.5 (10 Aug 2017)

  • Support GenericStatus.QUEUED status for pipelines JENKINS-44981
  • Add new coerce API for API consumers to use to support new GenericStatus results without back-compatibility breakage

1.4 (5 June 2017)

1.3 (2 Dec 2016)

  • Fix incorrect status coding of PAUSED_PENDING_INPUT branches when multiple branches are present (JENKINS-40139).

1.2 (30 Sept 2016)

  • Javadocs fixes to pass Java 8's more stringent doclint [JENKINS-38632]

1.1 (25 August 2016)

  • Provide support for block-scoped stages using final release version of stage step
  • Use a more robust algorithm to discover stages (less susceptible to false positives)

1.0 (25 August 2016)

  • Initial release of plugin