Jenkins : Percentage Disk Space Node Column Plugin

Plugin Information

View Percentage Disk Space Node Column on the plugin site for more information.

  This plugin just shows the percentage of disk space usage column on "Manage Nodes" page. 


You can find it under <jenkins_url>/computer or reach it via links in the sidepanel of the main page. 

Node Monitoring Configuration

Manage Nodes page

Sample groovy script

You can query this monitoring field programmatically in Groovy, see the below groovy example:

Groovy Script
for (node in jenkins.model.Jenkins.instance.slaves) {
  computer = node.toComputer()
  if (computer.getChannel() == null) continue
    rootPath = node.getRootPath()
  def percentage = computer.getMonitorData()['']
  if (percentage != null ) {
    println("node: ${node.getDisplayName()} has got ${percentage} disk space usage.")

 Further references: Jenkins Script Console

Planned upcoming features

  • Security layout.

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Version history

Version 0.1.0 (26th Sept)

  • (info)   Initial release