Jenkins : Micro Focus Performance Center Integration With Git

This plugin integrates Micro Focus Performance Center with Git via Jenkins.

Using this plugin, you can upload:

  • LoadRunner and JMeter scripts from a GitHub repository or a GitLab project to a project on the Performance Center server.
  • Create Performance Center tests from a YAML file.
  • Run a Performance Center test from its ID or create it from YAML file or YAML syntax and then run it.

There is another plugin for running performance tests using Performance Center. For details, see Micro Focus Application Automation Tools - Performance Center Integration.

Submit issues and feedback through JIRA

This plugin is open source. If you identify any issues or want to submit enhancement requests, please use JIRA. The component for this plugin is the micro-focus-performance-center-integration component. Your feedback and involvement will allow us to stabilize and enhance the capabilities of the plugin. The latest, early access, beta versions of this plugin are available here

Version 1.0.0

This version provides the following enhancements:

Git synchronization 

  • Ability to synchronize Performance Center with Git by uploading LoadRunner and JMeter scripts stored in a Git repository to a Performance Center project.

Version 1.1.0

This version provides the following enhancements:

  • Git Synchronization: ability to create Performance Center test from yaml files stored in Git.
  • Test Execution: Ability to create a test (from yaml file or from yaml content) before running it.


You can download the plugin from this link:


  1. Java version 8 or higher. To verify your Java version, go to
  2. Performance Center server.
  3. Git Repository on GitHub or GitLab server.
  4. Jenkins versions: This plugin supports only the latest five LTS versions of Jenkins (currently 2.60.3). This is a result of the Jenkins policy to no longer support older update centers. Jenkins 2.54 and higher requires you to have Java 8 installed on the machine.
  5. Content Security Policy: Starting with version 1.641 (or 1.625.3), Jenkins introduced the Content-Security-Policy header. This causes some of the integration links, such as links to reports, to become inoperable. For details, see Configuring Content Security Policy and Jenkins Security Advisory . For suggested workarounds until the issue is resolved, see Content Security Policy Header.
  6. Performance Center projects having Version Control enabled are not supported.

Support for Pipelines

Generate pipeline code
  1. To set up a pipeline test job for your Micro Focus testing tool:
    1. From Jenkins Dashboard, click New Job or select an existing one.
    2. On the page that opens, enter a job name (for a new job), click Build a Pipeline project, and click OK.
    3. In the Project Configuration page, scroll down to the Pipeline section.
    4. Enter the stage and node arguments into the Script area. For example,

      stage('RunTestFromFS'){ // The stage name
          node('Test'){ //  The name of the node in which to run the test.

  2. Prepare the code for your testing tool:
    1. Click the Pipeline Syntax link.
    2. In the Snippet Generator drop down, select the desired step, for example, pcGitBuild: Synchronize Performance Center with Git.
    3. Fill in the fields as required. Fields marked in red are mandatory. Note: For fields that take multiple values, such as in the Tests field, separate multiple entries with a line break.
    4. Click Generate Pipeline Script. Copy the code to the clipboard.
  3. Return to the Project Configuration page, and paste the generated Groovy script into the Script field in the Pipeline section.
  4. Repeat the above steps to add other commands to your script.
  5. Save the script and run or schedule the job as you would with any standard Jenkins job.
Supported Pipeline job types

The available Pipeline job types are:


Pipeline step name


Performance Center


Synchronize Performance Center With Git

Performance CenterpcRunBuildRun Performance Test Using Performance Center (available in version 1.1.0)

Synchronize Performance Center With Git

For details on how to perform this, see Synchronize Performance Center With Git in the Performance Center help.

Run Performance Test Using Performance Center (available in version 1.1.0)

For details on how to perform this, see Run Performance Test Using Performance Center in the Performance Center help.

For details on this and other Performance Center integrations, see the "Performance Center and Git" and "Performance Center plugins" topics in the Performance Center help.