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Plugin Information

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 This plugin adds a new build parameter type for resolving artifact versions reading the repository maven-metadata.xml


In any jenkins job enable the "This build is parametrerized" checkbox, from the drop-down that appears select the "List maven artifact versions", configure the artifact you want to retrieve the versions for and voilà.


Because there are multiple aspects that can be of interest about an artifact in a maven repository this plugin will not set the parameter name you give in the configuration of your job, but will rather use that name as a seed for a set of parameters. Example:

In your configuration you have created a parameter named "MY_JAR" and have configured all values correctly. Then the following parameters will be set for the build step:

  • MY_JAR_VERSION - the version you selected in the dropdown or that was selected as part of an automated build
  • MY_JAR_ARTIFACT_URL - the full URL to the actual artifact selected. You can use something like "wget" to download that artifact and do something with it.
  • MY_JAR_GROUP_ID - echoes back your configuration
  • MY_JAR_ARTIFACT_ID - echoes back your configuration
  • MY_JAR_CLASSIFIER - echoes back your configuration
  • MY_JAR_PACKAGING - echoes back your configuration

Known issues

  • None at the moment.

Upgrade Information

Repository Username and Password

With release 1.3, the Repository Username and Repository Password have been migrated to Repository Credentials. Now, repository credentials are stored in the global credentials. Usernames and Passwords of previous plugin versions are automatically migrated: For each Repository Base URL and Repository Username combination, a new global credentials object will be created and referenced.

Version History

2.0.0 (10. January 2018)

  • Return param value to pipeline
  • Update to Jenkins 2 to address SECURITY-170

1.5.0 (31. May 2016)

  • Added support for rebuilding

1.4.1 (14. March 2016)

  • Fixed severe bug that was introduced with version 1.4.0 - SORRY for that.

1.4.0 (04. March 2016)

  • Added classifier support.

1.3.0 (10. November 2015)

  • Added optional configurations that allows to download and display information about currently used artifact.
  • Use Jenkins credentials to store repository username and password. With this, passwords are encrypted and no longer stored as plain text in the jobs config.xml file.
  • Bugfix: Invalid artifact URL when packaging is not specified.

1.2.0 (26. November 2014)

  • Added support for SNAPSHOTs. The plugin should now properly resolve SNAPSHOT versions to their timestamped URLs.JENKINS-23206
  • Thanks to Mathieu Pousse for providing the pull request for this change.

1.1.1 (14. February 2014)

  • Added support for the command line interface. If you have a property named MY_JAR you should now be able to append -p MY_JAR=1.3.42 and the job will be started for version "1.3.42" without scanning the maven repository. All of the above mentioned parameters should still be set for your build steps using the version you provided on the command line.
  • Thanks to David Portabella for providing the pull request for this change.

1.1.0 (13. February 2014)

  • Corrected the help message. (Was copy-pasted from another plugin).
  • Added a username and password fields which will override the previous way of specifying username:password as part of URL - no need to add them in url-encoded, plain-text to the URL.
  • Thanks to Robert Kleinschmager and Dominik Bartholdi for providing the pull requests for these changes.

1.0.0 (16. April 2012)

  • Initial version.

Help and Support


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