Jenkins : Maven Dependency Update trigger

Plugin Information

View Maven Dependency Update Trigger on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin will check if any SNAPSHOT dependencies (or optionally plugins SNAPSHOT) have been updated during your project's dependencies resolution and trigger a build. You have to configure a cron expression.

This plugin use maven 3 apis to update dependencies.

Trigger configuration

The build cause will display which SNAPSHOTS has been downloaded:


Version 1.5 : 24 April 2015.
  • Remove dependencies and imports from older maven plugin that used *.aether.* packages. (issue #23502)
Version 1.4 : 30 Dec 2011.
  • Upgrade maven versions.
  • fix use of maven default global settings.
  • various fixes on reading reactors projects.
Version 1.3 : 13 Aug 2011.
  • Update for Jenkins
Version 1.2 : 6 Oct 2010.
  • Build is triggered whene maven-metadata-${repoId}.xml is downloaded (JENKINS-7688)
Version 1.1 : 5 Oct 2010.
  • Fix execution on remote nodes (plugin version 1.0 works only for jobs on master) (JENKINS-7650)
  • Maven Dependency Update trigger doesn't use defined settings xml or properties (JENKINS-7660)
Version 1.0 : 2 Oct 2010.
  • First release