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Plugin Information

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Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

This plugin allows you to configure email notifications for build results

See the documentation here.


New releases

Version 1.23 (Jan 4, 2019)

  • JENKINS-37812 - Send notification even if the build agent goes offline
  • JENKINS-55099 - Fix test issue when validating plugin against recent LTS (no production changes)
  • JENKINS-55292 - Use plugin's localization messages

Version 1.22 (Oct 19, 2018)

  • (plus) JENKINS-53467 - Make the plugin compatible with Jenkins Configuration-as-Code plugin
  • (info) PR #43 - Chinese localization was moved to Chinese Localization Plugin

Version 1.21 (Mar 26, 2018)

Version 1.20 (Mar 20, 2017)

  • SECURITY-372 (advisory) Emails were sent to addresses not associated with actual users of Jenkins.

If the security fix is undesirable in a particular instance, it can be disabled with either or both of the following two system properties:

  • -Dhudson.tasks.MailSender.SEND_TO_UNKNOWN_USERS=true: send mail to build culprits even if they do not seem to be associated with a valid Jenkins login.
  • -Dhudson.tasks.MailSender.SEND_TO_USERS_WITHOUT_READ=true: send mail to build culprits associated with a valid Jenkins login even if they would not otherwise have read access to the job.

Version 1.19 (Jan 31 2017)

Version 1.18 (Sep 4 2016)

  • Use the new display-url-api for user facing page links
  • Move i18n messages to own package namespace.

Version 1.17 (Apr 20 2016)

Version 1.16 (Oct 29 2015)

  • Fixed some findbugs warnings
  • Fix an encoding issue for the french locale
  • Made the plugin buildable with jdk 8

Version 1.15 (Feb 4 2015)

  • issue #26758 Charset is ignored (and incorrect) in MimeMessageBuilder

Version 1.14 (Feb 2 2015)

  • issue #26606 Recipient list tokenizer not including comma delim

Version 1.13 (Jan 23 2015)

  • issue #23074 Add convenience function for creating a standard MimeMessage

Version 1.12 (Nov 06 2014)

  • Better format for the X-Jenkins-Job header.

Version 1.12-beta-1 (Aug 25 2014)

Version 1.11 (Aug 18 2014)

Version 1.10 (Aug 06 2014)

  • (error) SECURITY-152: plaintext password vulnerability.

Version 1.9 (Jul 08 2014)

  • (plus) New extension point in mailer-plugin to exclude email recipients
  • (info) Mail resolvers return emails from user configurations if defined (JENKINS-19433)
  • (error) Suppress errors in MailResolvers to prevent their impact on external callers (JENKINS-23256)
  • (error) Prevent NullPointerException during the creation of failure e-mails (JENKINS-22695)

Version 1.8 (Dec 17 2013)

  • (info) Moved help files from Jenkins core (forgotten after split of plugin).

Version 1.7 (Dec 16 2013)

  • (error) NullPointerException from MailSender.createEmptyMail (JENKINS-20954)

Version 1.6 (Dec 05 2013)

  • (error) Form data binding fix to work with newer Jenkins versions (JENKINS-20226)
  • (error) Never wait for a prior build to complete merely to set a more accurate mail subject (JENKINS-20867)