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Plugin Information

Distribution of this plugin has been suspended due to unresolved security vulnerabilities, see below.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

Literate Plugin

The plugin provides support for the literate-style multi-branch project type.

What is a literate-style project

A Literate-style project is a project where the instructions on how to build the project are part of the actual project themselves. At its simplest, if the project has a file that contains a build section with a literate code block containing the build instructions, that is a literate style project.


Simple build

Hello world literate project


Let's say hello

    echo "Hello world"

Your typical GNU native code project might use something like

# Standard GNU project

# Build with autoconf/automake


Simple build with environment

ANT projects may do something like


Notice how we specify the environment to build with by providing Jenkins node
labels or tool installer names in code snippet sections attached to bullet points
in an "environment" section?

* `ant-1.8`, `java-1.7`


    ant clean dist

Several environments, build commands depending on the environment

We could have a more complex project, e.g.

Complex project


We have two different environments that the build must be run on:

* `linux`, `gcc-4.2`, `ant-1.8`, `maven-3.0.5`, `java-1.7`
* `windows`, `vs-pro-2012`, `ant-1.8`, `maven-3.0.5`, `java-1.7`


We have two different sets of build instructions, one for building with visual studio and
the other for building with GCC

* On `gcc-4.2`, we start by building the native code


    Now we do the Maven based build

        mvn clean verify

    Finally we use ANT to do the final steps

        ant dist-publish

* On `vs-pro-2012`, we have a batch file to do the native steps

        call build-native.bat

    It's always fun the way Windows invokes batch files, so we need to call them every time

        call mvn.bat clean verify

    And again for ANT

        call ant.bat dist-publish

The literate style lets us intersperse comments around the actual build steps to assist in documenting the build instructions.


The plugin includes some facilities to support lightweight promotions using manual approval.

You can define the command associated with a promotion just like a build command, in a specific question. But you are free to choose the name of the section. This name will need to be provided to the job configuration.


To release the project:

    mvn release:prepare release:perform -B

Of course, the release process doesn't make sense for all branches. It will usually be valid only for master branch. The literate plugin allows you to specify such a restriction.

What is a multi-branch project

A multi-branch project is a project that automagically creates a sub-project for every branch in your source control. When the branch is deleted (assuming you configure the project to auto prune dead branches) then the sub-project will be removed. Branches are cheap and easy to create in Source Control. They should be just as easy to create in Jenkins... with a literate-style multi-branch project they are trivial to create.

The advantage that literate-style projects bring to multi-branch projects is that you can even change the build system in your branch without breaking the job for your branch.

How to install

This plugin is currently in beta version. It means it is available from the jenkins experimental update center. Once you have configured your Jenkins instance to target the experimental update center, you can install the literate plugin as any other plugin.

This plugin is no longer in beta version. You can install the literate plugin as any other plugin, without having to use the experimental update center.

Version History

1.0 (2015-12-03)

  • Screw it, let's cut an official release... while there are some things I think should be done first, given that workflow enables the same problems and doesn't provide a solution we may as well just ship it!
  • The plugin is now available in the official update center.