Jenkins : Lenient shutdown plugin

Plugin Information

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This plugin lets you put Jenkins in shutdown mode but still allow any downstream builds of those currently running to also complete. Similar functionality for taking nodes temporarily offline.

Global lenient shutdown


The global lenient shutdown mode for taking the Jenkins master offline is activated under "Manage Jenkins":

Page decorator

After activating global lenient shutdown, all pages get the following header:

This message can be configured in the Jenkins global settings page:

Lenient offline for slaves

A single slave can be taken offline leniently (letting slave specific downstream builds finish) by going to the node's page and pressing the button:


Version 1.1.1 (released Mar 07 2017)

  • Fixed a problem when security is enabled. (pr #4)

Version 1.1.0 (released Nov 28 2016)

  • Switch the required version of Jenkins 1.601; this allows to track the Upstream causes via the queue id and not by matching the project names. (pr #2)
  • Allow all items in the queue to finish, not just those that have been started by an upstream project. (pr #2)
  • You can maintain a list of white listed projects that are allowed to run even though lenient shutdown is active. (pr #2)

Version 1.0.0 (released Jul 11 2014)

Initial release


lenient1.png (image/png)
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