Jenkins : KeyChain Provisioning Profil

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Step by step

Introduce  Keychain Provisioning Profil

1. Firstly, open the „Keychain Acces“ in your mac, after that add a new Keychain, then select by category „My Certificates“ and select your certificate at next right click on your certificate and click „get info“ and copy the line „common line“. And save it anywhere you will be need it later.

2. Secondly, open the jenkins web interface and then click on „Manage Jenkins“ and select the new underpoint „KPP Management“

3.Next step is to upload your keychaine file to do this click on „choose file“ and upload your keychain file.

4. Now, give the correct password and a description of your keychain.

5. If you need more than one keychain you have to set a „Var Prefix“ to differentiate between keychain

6. In „code signing identity“ put your „common name“ that you had copied in step one.

7. When you configure a new job select the checkbox „Keyvalues and code signing identities“

 - Select your Keychain

 - Select your code signing identity