Jenkins : Jenkins Scalability Summit 2013

Logistics and RSVP

Confirmed speakers

We'd like attendees to share stories and where their struggles & pain points are (or if something isn't their pain points despite our assumptions, we'd like to know that, too). The goal is to better understand the prominent issues those large users are facing (or not facing), and to see if there are common themes.

Let's roughly shoot for 30 minutes each.

  • Kohsuke on recent core scalability improvements, and various possibly relevant community efforts to set the baseline.
  • Gareth et al (Netflix people)
  • Robert Sandell
  • Khai Do (Gearman plugin)
  • Mujibur Wahab (Yahoo)
  • Kohsuke with the CloudBees hat: workflow feature we are working on

If anyone else wants to share their experience, please add yourself to this list

We (Jenkins developers) think these issues are hurting users

Whether or not they actually are, you tell us.

  • Level of resource consumptions (memory, disk, network, etc.) they are seeing on master/slaves
  • Stability & diagnosability of slaves
  • Access control (that of UI, but also of builds that run inside)
  • Organizing jobs and build records
  • Inter-master communications
  • Master multi-tenancy
  • Choreography of complex activities
  • User interface
  • Degree of QA in Jenkins
  • Plugin management: discovery, compatibility, etc.
  • (Related but tangental) increasing contributions from the large useres.

Based on the stories and episodes from attendees, toward the latter half of the day, we'd like to pick up a few common themes and scope out a few concrete designs that would address the issues.


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