Jenkins : JavaOne 2009

Planned JavaOne 2009 activities around Hudson.


The event would be in the afternoon of Sunday, May 31st, in one of the big underground room in Moscone Center. Please register if you intend to attend, so that we can better organize the event. This event is open to anyone, including those who are not registered for JavaOne.

Party at Thirsty Bear

After the unconference, we'll move on to a party at Thirsty Bear. Sign up for the unconference and enjoy free beer!

CommunityOne West sessions

CommunityOne West is hosted back-to-back with JavaOne. The session part of it is free for anyone (RSVP), and the registration even gives you free access to the JavaOne pavilion and general sessions.

Sun GlassFish Portfolio: Where Sun's Application Platform Is Going (Hall E 135, 10:50-11:40am, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

This talk is broadly about the entire GlassFish Portofolio, of which Hudson is a part. I believe you'll hear where Sun wants to take Hudson at the high level.

Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson (Hall E 135, Monday 11:50am-12:40pm, Lukas Hasik and Tomas Musil, Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

This session's presenters had tests and machines, but they still needed an infrastructure to connect those things together, namely Hudson. I think this is a report from a trench, so to speak, about how they use Hudson.

JavaOne sessions and BOFs

As of this writing, the schedule of those sessions and BOFs aren't decided.

TS-5301 Continuous Integration in the Cloud with Hudson (Kohsuke/Jesse)

This session will mainly talk about the recent Hudson improvements around distributed builds and how they make it easy to utilize a lot of computers effectively under Hudson, including running your builds/tests on "cloud". (Hudson J1 2009.ppt)

BOF-5105 Hudson Community Meet-up (Kohsuke/Tom/Rama)

This BOF is still being organized, but we plan on asking several Hudson committers to talk about what they've been working on. Your suggestions welcome.

Cloud Computing and NetBeans™ IDE Enable Army Research Lab's Next-Generation Simulation System

This appears to be a case study of an application that U.S.Army developed. The abstract says:

It also discusses the MUVES 3 team's experiences in performing continuous integration by using Hudson and testing the system on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud with Elastic Grid.

Booth in the exhibit floor

Hudson will have its own booth in the Sun pavilion at the exhibit floor. Please drop by to say hello and/or talk about your favorite bugs/RFEs (Booth Shift.)


Hudson J1 2009.ppt (application/