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Implied Labels Plugin

Infer dynamic node labels using configured implications.

Lets have a node with linux, rhel, rhel6 and rhel6_4 labels. Most of this information is redundant and can be inferred from rhel6_4 label. Here is an excerpt of Implied Labels Plugin configuration to do just that.

This plugin gathers the implication rules to one place (Manage Jenkins > Label implications) so explicit node labels can be defined in more concise form (without redundancy). Implications are readable for every user with Jenkins.READ but only Jenkins.ADMINISTER is authorized to configure. Plugin also detects explicitly configured node labels that can be inferred using existing implication rules.


Jenkins administrator can declare any number of implication rules for label inference. An implication consists of label expression and atom list. A node that matches label expression will have assigned new labels from atom list. Labels contributed from Implied Labels Plugin are dynamic labels and thus not saved in configuration. Implications are evaluated in topological order so implication expressions can refer to labels contributed by other implications.


implied-labels.png (image/png)