Jenkins : HTA-Feature Requests

Features Requested

The following is a list of features that are requested of the Tray Application, with links to the original source requesting (where possible). Further, when the code is developed, the table will be updated to reflect what version that feature was implemented in, or whether the feature cannot / will not be implemented.


In Version

Change the popups that appear to reflect a job not getting worse or better, just because it is building (or not)


Allow the icons to be configurable through some kind of plugin to the tray application


Support for internationalization - well not everyone is going to speak British!


Support for Sound Playing actions


Add a simple Action Matrix - Just show the standard overall changes Red->Yellow, Red->Blue, Red->Grey, Yellow->Red...


Replace the icons in the results page with their nicer non-white background version


Installer to enable this application on the user's operating system startup


Allow Servers to "Disabled". If a user modifies their server list to include views, and then tries to remove the default "My Server", then the next time they launch the Tray App, it will re-add the server they are launching from. This is not the expected behaviour, but is required so that users can simply add extra hudson servers to their list more simply. However, if the user were able to leave the server in the list, but flag it as disabled, this would enable them to use the tray app correctly, and still have the remaining users not be affected.


Allow basic authentication