Jenkins : Groovy View

This is a place holder at the moment. Unknown User (abayer) is working on expanding this, and Unknown User (kohsuke) is going to do his share, too. please nag them to get them going. In the mean time, type ".groovy" in and you should find a lot of examples.

Enabling IDE support

In Eclipse

  • First, install Groovy Eclipse plugin 2.5 or later.
  • Convert jenkins-core into a Groovy project from the context menu, "Configure > Convert to Groovy project". The project icon should say "Gr" instead of "J".

In IntelliJ

Use IntelliJ 10.x and you should get auto-completion support out of the box.

Known Issues

  • In the development mode, there was a regression in Groovy that broke the dynamic reloading of groovy views. We haven't tracked down exactly when it started, but it was fixed in 1.450.