Jenkins : Gnome Panel Status Widget


Detailed build status is shown as tooltip


  • save hudson-applet.rb under /usr/lib/gnome-panel/ and make it executable (chmod 755)
  • save hudson-applet.server under /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/
  • ~# sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-gnome2 rubygems1.8 libfeedparser-ruby1.8
  • ~# gem install atom
  • log out and back in
  • Use right-click on the panel to add the "Hudson Build Status" to your panel
  • On first start a dialog pops up to ask for hudson's RSS feed (e.g. "")
    and for the update interval in milliseconds - configuration is saved in file $HOME/.gnome2/hudson-applet


gnome-build-status.png (image/png)
hudson-applet.rb (application/x-ruby)
hudson-applet.server (application/octet-stream)