Jenkins : Git userContent plugin

Plugin Information

View /userContent in Git on the plugin site for more information.

Jenkins has a mechanism known as "User Content", where administrators can place files inside $JENKINS_HOME/userContent, and these files are served from http://yourhost/jenkins/userContent. This can be thought of as a mini HTTP server to serve images, stylesheets, and other static resources that you can use from various description fields inside Jenkins.

This plugin exposes this $JENKINS_HOME/userContent directory as a Git repository, allowing administrators to use git to push/pull changes and manage them with history.

Once this plugin is installed, see http://yourserver/jenkins/userContent.git in your browser for how to access this repository.


Version 1.4 (Oct 14 2014)

  • Decoupled the dependency from Git Client Plugin to avoid LinkageErrors due to version incompatibility.

Version 1.1 (August 29)

  • Initial release