Jenkins : Git plugin 2.0 beta testing

We are doing a public open beta testing on the next major version of the Git plugin, and looking for people who can kick tires.

What's new in 2.0?

Simplified UI

In this release, we eliminated the entire "advanced" section and some of the default configuration items, and replaced them by a ala-carte menu of "additional behaviours" you can select and add from a drop-down:

This makes it easier to see the active configuration of the current job, and make Git plugin more open for other plugins.

JGit support

This release brings JGit as an option to work with repositories. As JGit runs inside Jenkins JVM and offers more finer-grained control, it brings a number of benefits difficult to achieve with native Git implementation, such as:

  • Controlling authentication on per-project basis without prior setup on slaves
  • No need to have native Git installed on slaves.

Beware of some known limitations with JGit:

  • Symlink support

Installation Procedures

Activating JGit

One of the highlights of Git plugin 2.0 is the use of JGit for working with Git repositories. This mode has some additional features, such as being able to set authentication credential inside Jenkins, instead of doing so on every slave.

To use JGit, go to the system configuration page and create JGit as the Git installation. If you remove whatever existing Git installation you might have configured, all your jobs will start using JGit (or if you leave existing git configurations in there, then each job can select whether it uses native git clients or JGit.)

Reporting issues

If you have problems with the beta versions of Git plugin, please report them on When you report bugs, please add "git2" as a label to help us find them more easily.

Hacking code

If you want to hack the code, it is here. It's in the "refactoring" branch.

Open Issues

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