Jenkins : French Localization

Translation to French is handled mostly by Eric. For any comments on the translation, please get in touch with him by email.

Feel free to add comments or anything to this page that might help the work of translating Hudson in French. Eric will be notified of any changes made to this page.


Hudson Core

As far as I can tell, all the core elements have been translated (as of June 9th, 2008):

  • all in main
  • all <jelly file>.properties in main
  • all HTML help files in main

Any that remain are likely to be recent (please let me know if you spot any). However, many other texts have not been internationalized yet.

Hudson plugins

The only plugin so far to be maintained in French is Fit.
This is an area where we could need some help.

For more information about the translation to French, see


Version number between parents is the version of Hudson where the changes should appear, if all goes according to plan.

April 8th 2009 (Hudson v1.298)

  • up to date French translations (revision 16916)
  • Fixed character encoding in a few files (revision 16920)

February 11th 2009 (Hudson v1.283)

  • up to date French translations in revision 15187
  • all translations where garbled; fixed by Simon Wiest in rev 15193

February 5th 2009 (Hudson v1.281)

  • translation up to date
  • includes matrix filtering
  • revision 15049

January 11th 2009 (Hudson v1.274)

  • translation up to date
  • includes new cloud and load statistics features
  • revision 14396

January 6nd 2009 (Hudson v1.271)

  • Fixed '?'s in "v?rifier les empreintes num?riques"
  • homogenized translation for "fingerprints"

January 2nd 2009 (Hudson v1.269)

  • French translation up to date
  • fixed bug 2705
  • I think most display problems related to invalid characters (such as bug 2705) are fixed now; let me know if that is not the case. Apologies to the three people who reported the problems.

November 28th 2008 (Hudson v1.263)

  • French translation up to date
  • no release yet since Nov 19th, so I'm still aiming for v1.263; should be released shortly after Kohsuke] is back from holiday (after Dec 7th?)

November 19th 2008 (Hudson v1.263)

  • Fixed encoding of properties files for French
  • French translation up to date again

November 9th 2008 (Hudson v1.261)

  • French translation up to date again; included first French translation for the build monitor

November 4th 2008 (Hudson v1.260)

  • French translation up to date, thanks to the Groovy script provided by Simon Wiest

September 16th 2008 (Hudson v1.253)

  • finally committed a big chunk of the translated files; maybe 30 of them

July 31th 2008 (Hudson v1.242)

  • added translations for parameterized builds
  • internationalized half-a-dozen screens

July 4th 2008 (Hudson v1.233)

  • fixed an unclear translation in the slave creation page
  • changed a couple of uppercases into the French style ("Console de Script" became "Console de script")

June 22nd 2008 (Hudson v1.228)

  • added spaces before semi-colons (ie. "hello:" became "hello :")
  • added translation for the plugin manager
  • added translation for the new private security realm
  • updated files

June 9th 2008 (Hudson v1.223)

  • updated various files after comments from Damien Bonvillain

April 28th 2008

  • created this wiki page
  • updated various files