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Use File System as SCM.

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Simulate File System as SCM by checking file system last modified date, checkout(), pollChanges(), ChangeLog and distributed build are all supported.

Folder difference is found by

  1. for each file in source, check if the corresponding file in workspace exists
    1. if not, it is a new file
    2. if yes, further checks if the file in source is newer than file in workspace, or if source file is modified since last build, this is a modified file
  2. for each file in workspace, if the corresponding file in source does not exist AND
    1. it is in our self maintained "allow delete list", we will delete this file from workspace. Every times we copy a file from src to dst, we add the filename to the "allow delete list", in other words, we will only delete files that are copied by us

Filtering is supported when checking for modified files.

If Clear Workspace is checked, the system will delete all existing files/sub-folders in workspace before checking-out. Poll changes will not be affected by this setting.

In Changelog, User, i.e. who changed the file, is not supported.


Version 2.1 (Jan 31, 2018)

  • (error) JENKINS-49053 - Prevent NullPointerException when writing empty changelog files to the disk

Version 2.0 (Dec 08, 2017)

  • (plus) JENKINS-40743 - Make the plugin compatible with Jenkins Pipeline and other Job types

  • (error) JENKINS-43993 - Update the SCM implementation to be compatible with Stapler Databinding API
  • (error) Cleanup issues reported by FindBugs and other static analysis checks
  • (info) Update Jenkins core requirement to 1.642.3


Version 1.20 (Dec 5th, 2011)

  • Support ANT style wildcard in file filtering
  • Add an extra config parameter to let users to choose whether hidden files/dirs should be copied or not 

Version 1.10 (Apr 2, 2011)

  • No really user visible changes:
  • fixed isEmptySet() method on ChangeLog
  • updated to current version of Jenkins API

Version 1.9 (Sep 21, 2010)

  • Works on Hudson core 1.337 as well

Version 1.8 (Mar 29, 2010)

  • Bug fixed: enable clearWorkspace on the 1st jobrun will throw Exception

Version 1.7 (Mar 11, 2010)

  • Avoid Hudson startup error when upgrading to Hudson 1.349 or newer (JENKINS-5893)

Version 1.6 (Feb 12, 2010)

  • Bug fixed: chmod before copying readonly files on Unix
  • Bug fixed: Master/Slave bug
  • Bug fixed: help page URL correctly handled even Winstone started with prefix

Version 1.5

  • Preserve file permission (rwxrwxrwx) when copying files (on Unix platform only)
  • will only delete a file from workspace if it is copied by this plugin
  • ChangelogSet changed to follow the latest API

Report Bugs 

Please report bugs to samngms [at] yahoo [dot] com


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