Jenkins : Dumpling Plugin

Dumpling plugin for Jenkins brings Dumpling DSL capabilities into Jenkins

Plugin Information

View Use Dumpling from Jenkins groovy scripts on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin make Dumpling DSL available for:

  • Groovy scripts all over Jenkins
  • Other plugins

Capturing current Jenkins thread state should be as easy as calling Dumpling.runtime in script console/scriptler/groovy plugin step to investigate or periodically monitor Jenkins threads. See Dumpling DSL tutorial for more information on how to use dumpling. Note that the DSL differs a bit in Jenkins Groovy interpreters as the ability to configure is a bit limited.

Useful scripts

General jstack-like threadddump:

println D.runtime.threads
// Or before 2.2
println Dumpling.runtime.threads

Detailed thread blockage report:

// Or before 2.2
import com.github.olivergondza.dumpling.query.*;

println Dumpling.runtime.query(new BlockingTree().showStackTraces());

Brief blockage report focused on HTTP handling threads:

import com.github.olivergondza.dumpling.query.*;

println Dumpling.runtime.threads.grep { =~ /^Handling / }.query(new BlockingTree())

Capture threaddump of different java process (most likely on agent):

// List processes
println 'jps -l'.execute().text

// Print runtime
// Or before 2.2
new com.github.olivergondza.dumpling.factory.PidRuntimeFactory().fromProcess(PID_NUMBER);