Jenkins : DiskCheck Plugin

Plugin Information

View diskcheck on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin checks for Disk Space on the slave machine before starting a build.

If the disk space is below minimum threshold (default 1 Gb ) build will fail,

One can set the threshold parameter in the Global Configuration , Also you can choose to delete the workspace if the disk space is low
Per-Job Configuration:   Once installed the Plugin is enabled by default in every job , you can disable it if you like 

Job Configuration Example:           

Global Configuration :

Enable Disk Recycler ::      if it's checked  and the disk space is low for a job , then it will delete everything in the current job workspace directory,

Threshold for disk check ::  you specify per job disk space requirement (in Gb ) in this text box  

Global Configuration Example :


Change Log

Version 0.29 (released Jun 14, 2017)

  • Changes to address issues with workspace cleanup when recycle is enabled (Pull#5)
  • Add Capability to check Disk space every time a Jenkins job starts ( previously it was using diskusage descriptor which runs once every hour)
  • Ensure that the system does not exit incase of error.