Jenkins : DDT Plugin

Plugin Information

View DDT on the plugin site for more information.

This plugins allows to define your "tests" (from
in the global configuration. These tests can then be "set" by jobs as a build step. 
This job will re-run this test and retrieve the JUnit report.

Quick usage guide

  • Install the plugin
  • In Manage Jenkins > Configure System go to QA DDT

    • Set Username & Password:

    • Select Add and set the

      Brief description of the named fields:

      • UUID - The UUID of the test you would like to run later on from the QA DDT App (just copy-paste the desired UUID).
      • Name - A name describing the test ( Mandatory! )
      • Tags - Additional tags for the test (see, "tags" in our official docs)

  • In Jenkins > {job name} > Configure > Build

    • Choose a test from the list of tests you set in the Jenkins Configuration

      Brief description of the named fields:

      • Name - The name of the test from the list.
      • Tags (Advanced) - A list of tags (separated by comas without spaces) to override the test's tags for this job.

  • (Optional) In Jenkins > {job name} > Configure > Post-build Actions

    • Add "report*.xml" to the Test report XMLs field in order to get the JUnit report of the DDT test.

  • Start a build.

    • You should see something like this in the Console Output:

      Started by user anonymous
      Building in workspace /home/jenkins/work/jobs/Test_My_UI/workspace
      Initializing test: bfb408603f48ff882f3eea1a7dc778f6dbcf9b12cb548906e5aafce856c8f4ac()
      Waiting for test '57b61ec71bf53fa35e897b8e8a5aaaf955ed31e7b8e9332e62496c58335b638e' to start
      Done test: '57b61ec71bf53fa35e897b8e8a5aaaf955ed31e7b8e9332e62496c58335b638e'
      Recording test results
      Finished: SUCCESS

      bfb4086... is the original test UUID from Jenkins' Configuration.
      57b61ec... is a new UUID from this specific run.



Release 1.0 (2018-11-29)

  • Initial release