Jenkins : Customizing Jenkins Installation on SuseLinux

Hello Everyone,

Our organization is planning to install Jenkins as a service on the SuseLinux operating system. Before, we proceed with the installation we are planning to customize the installation folder and the

default log folder location :  var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log  location to a specific location  san/logs/jenkins/jenkins.log

We are following the below instructions for the installation and It would be much appreciated if anyone can help us in customizing the installation :

Execute the following steps to complete the installation of Jenkins in SuseLinux  environment :

Installation Steps:

To begin the  Jenkins installation in Suse,get the required packages from the Jenkins repository URL by executing the below command in putty session.

$ sudo zypper addrepo

The above command will get the latest Jenkins repo from the official Jenkins website and place it under

/etc/zypp/jenkins.repo location on the build server.

Step2:   To Install Jenkins execute the below command

sudo zypper install jenkins -  This is where we are are bit confused. When we execute the below command, Jenkins is getting installed in the below locations :

1. /etc/init.d/jenkins -  the actual service file

2. /var/logs/jenkins/jenkins.log  -  How to customize this location to  /san/logs/jenkins/jenkins.log ?

3. /var/lib/jenkins  is the installation folder  -  How to customize this location to /san/Jenkins

If a customization is required for multiple files, please list all the dependent files that needs to be modified before we install the jenkins

Please post if you have any additional questions.