Jenkins : Cluster Statistics Plugin

Every now and then your Jenkins cluster will get slow for the users. Usually this happens because of the increase in utilization due to added projects, team members or added supported platforms. Then starts whining. Cluster is slow, not enough executors, long builds etc. From higher up it is difficult to assess if we need more computing power or less whining. Hence, Jenkins Cluster Statistics Plugin was conceived.

Plugin Information

View Cluster Statistics on the plugin site for more information.

The plugin will measure the time in queue, time in build and show these statistics per node. Hopefully this will give you an indication if you need to invest in more Jenkins nodes. Want more statistics? Download the data in CSV format and run your own analysis in Excel.

How to get started

Once you install the plugin and at least one of your jobs have run you will statistics under Manage Jenkins » Cluster Statistics. See the screenshot for more details.