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BuildResultTrigger makes it possible to monitor the build results of other jobs.


When you you have two jobs jobA and jobB and you want Jenkins to schedule jobB after the jobA execution (whatever the build result of jobA), you can configure Jenkins to say that jobB is the downstream job of jobA. The drawback with this approach is that jobA has the knowledge of its dependencies.
With the BuildResultPlugin, you configure jobB to monitor jobA build result. A build is scheduled if there is a new build result matches your criteria (unstable, failure, ...)

Note: The plug-in uses only persistence in memory. There is no impact on the Jenkins infrastructure (no new files created).
This plugin provides a polling typology among the XTrigger Plugin.

Some use cases

* Having dedicated jobs (such as cleaning an environment, backing up a database, ...) that are scheduled if other jobs are in failure.
The other jobs don't depend on these dedicated jobs.
* Implementing a build pipeline (or a build chain) in which each step of the build pipeline is implemented with a Jenkins job.


Comparison with other plugins

This plugin provides the inverse mechanism of the core feature (downstream/upstream) and the Parameterized Trigger Plugin.


Release 0.17

  • Show upstream project in dependency graph

Release 0.16

Release 0.15

  • Fix JENKINS-18889 - BuildResultTrigger should not need to check for available nodes

Release 0.14

  • Fix JENKINS-18667 - NullPointerException when saving job config

Release 0.13

  • Fix JENKINS-18931 - Build is triggered incorrectly when a triggered build starts running

Release 0.12

Release 0.11

* Fix poll with at least two checked jobs

Release 0.10

* Fix JENKINS-17641 - Unknown field 'logEnabled' in org.jenkinsci.lib.xtrigger.XTriggerCause

Version 0.9

* Fix JENKINS-14580 - Configuration of Buildresult-Trigger remains unchanged, when saved.

Version 0.8 (Jenkins 1.461+)

* Fix JENKINS-13746 - Buildresult trigger plugin does not support hierachical folders
* Fix Security issues

Version 0.7

* Fix the restriction to READ elements

Version 0.6

* Fix JENKINS-13182 - Add parent job name to the list of multi-configuration project child jobs

Version 0.5

* Migrate to xtrigger-lib 0.8

Version 0.4

* Updated parent version to 1.409 so it can be used in a LTS version

Version 0.3

* Fix Button labels

Version 0.2

* Changed detection processing, based on build number

Version 0.1

* Initial version