Jenkins : Blue Ocean Plugin

Plugin Information

View Blue Ocean on the plugin site for more information.

Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

What is Blue Ocean?

Blue Ocean is a new project that rethinks the user experience of Jenkins. Designed from the ground up for Jenkins Pipeline and compatible with Freestyle jobs, Blue Ocean reduces clutter and increases clarity for every member of your team through the following key features:

  • Sophisticated visualizations of CD pipelines, allowing for fast and intuitive comprehension of software pipeline status.
  • Pipeline editor that makes automating CD pipelines approachable by guiding the user through an intuitive and visual process to create a pipeline.
  • Personalization of the Jenkins UI to suit the role-based needs of each member of the DevOps team.
  • Pinpoint precision when intervention is needed and/or issues arise. The Blue Ocean UI shows where in the pipeline attention is needed, facilitating exception handling and increasing productivity.
  • Native integration for branch and pull requests enables maximum developer productivity when collaborating on code with others in GitHub and Bitbucket.

Note that Blue Ocean plugin is the only one that you need to install from Jenkins UpdateCenter. 
Learn more 

Running behind a proxy? Read this

In some cases proxies can rewrite URIs that have encoding in them and break web apps. 

  • For apache - please follow this guide very carefully, especially the bit about nocanon
  • For nginx - please see this. Generally if you use proxy_pass directly to the Jenkins port, you are ok, otherwise see this
    • If you still have problems with some blue ocean URIs, you can use a proxy_pass directive like this: 

          if ($request_uri ~* "/blue(/.*)") {
              proxy_pass http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:YOUR_JENKINS_PORT/blue$1;

Running Jenkins with BlueOcean on Apache Tomcat? Read this

In case you are using Apache Tomcat to serve Jenkins, you will need to make sure that you have configured Tomcat to use the following parameters:


NOTE: Upgrading to a new version

The best way is update the main "Blue Ocean" plugin - it will then upgrade all the dependent plugins and libraries for you. Do not upgrade just one blue ocean plugin at a time, it works best if they are all kept up to date.

Change log

Moving forward, release notes will be published to github releases

1.17.0 (June 7, 2019)

1.16.0 (April 29, 2019)


  • JENKINS-57209 Switch Blueocean's calls to bitbucket API to use UUID instead of nickname since its going away (#1950) @halkeye

1.15.1 (April 28, 2019)


1.15.0 (April 25, 2019)



1.14.0 (March 20th, 2019)


  • JENKINS-52825 Cannot see executors in Blue Ocean UI
  • JENKINS-55497 BlueOcean Pipeline View for the Latest Run shows No Changes
  • JENKINS-56316 Upgraded to node 10 (Tried to fix Unable to build blueocean-plugin\jenkins-design-language on Windows)
  • JENKINS-56383 BlueOcean pipeline UI fails to render stages past the first parallel stage after I upgraded the plugins
  • JENKINS-51716 Blueocean stuck in loading
  • JENKINS-38339 UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step
  • JENKINS-56460 Massive log spam due to blue ocean executor info

1.13.2 (March 6th, 2019)

1.13.1 (March 1st, 2019)

NOTE: blueocean-executor-info is now included in the main blueocean-plugin repository (but not as a required dependency yet)

  • JENKINS-53188 New jobs created from Blue Ocean are tied with username that created them
  • JENKINS-53019 Changes tab does not group changes for multiple SCM providers by SCM
  • JENKINS-52825 Cannot see executors in Blue Ocean UI
  • JENKINS-53022 Cannot disable a job from Blue Ocean UI
  • JENKINS-56301 Restrict referrer display to same origin
  • JENKINS-38339 UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step
  • #1920 Fix for random 404s on startup / ATH
  • #1913 Remove minimum java 11 from plugin. BO works fine in 8+

1.11.0 (Feb 13, 2019)

  • JENKINS-54518 Multibranch pipeline: Incorrect branch sort order for plain Git sources
  • JENKINS-54099 Warnings about "Failed Jenkins SSE Gateway configuration request. Unknown SSE event dispatcher" in Evergreen
  • JENKINS-19022 GIT Plugin (any version) heavily bloats memory use and size of build.xml with "BuildData" fields
  • JENKINS-55986 “Restart Parallel Stages” appears on the screen even when the user has no permissions
  • JENKINS-55127 Parallel Input stages are not individually selectable in Blue Ocean
  • JENKINS-50532 Failing nested parallel stages are marked green
  • JENKINS-47286 Support skipping stages in scripted pipelines for nice visualization in blue ocean and classic UI stage view
  • #1910 Update SSE client lib used in ATH

1.10.2 (January 28, 2019)

1.10.1 (January 2, 2019)

  • Use the newest graph control and namespaced styles (from ux-widgets) (#1889)
  • Upgrade bitbucket-branch-source to 2.2.15 (#1888)
  • Fix spelling/branding from "Github" to "GitHub" (#1883)
  • Avoid NPE with graphlistener (null check on value before adding to the map) (#1882) [JENKINS-54889]
  • Include workarounds for CI systems building Blue Ocean on Debian/Ubuntu (#1884) [SUREFIRE-1588]
  • Upgrade to jira plugin 3.0.5 (#1845)
  • Add labels to parallel sequential stage branches (#1881) [JENKINS-53127]
  • Upgrade pipeline plugin (#1879)
  • Incrementalify Blue Ocean (#1818) [JEP-305]

  • Modify LoginPage.login() to work with old and new login screens (#1843) [JENKINS-54410]
  • Improve protection against issue with jira plugin (#1839) [JENKINS-54144]
  • Fix missing stage graph nodes (#1836) [JENKINS-53900]
  • Downgrade workflow-job to 2.25 till JENKINS-54073 is fixed (#1837)
  • Rename AbstractRunImplTest to RunImplTest as it is not an abstract class and more spring cleaning (unused imports, java8 sugar syntax) (#1831
  • Upgrade workflow log api (#1833)
  • Add support for multiple pages when getting orgs (projects) from bitbucket (#1832) [JENKINS-46730

1.10.0 (January 2, 2019)

Unsuccessful release please do not install

1.9.0 (October 10, 2018)

All Changes

[JENKINS-53320] Job fails because JiraSCMListener times out on too many changes (#1816)
[JENKINS-53697] git validate with requiredPush always return 428 (#1815)
Check pipeline name during creation (#1811)
BitBucket Server errors not shown properly (#1795)
Jelly template compatibility (#1820)
Spelling fixes
Other misc. plugin updates

1.8.4 (October 1, 2018)

All Changes

Minor change to Jelly templates for compatibility with recent Jenkins core versions (#1820)

1.8.3 (September 20, 2018)

All Changes

[JENKINS-53311] Wrong status of running builds (#1807)
[JENKINS-53132] Moves sleep into saveBranch, more consistent logging (#1803)
[JENKINS-53175] Avoid JS error in case a run request returns a 404 (#1802)
[JENKINS-53175] avoid 404 by returning an empty BlueTestSummary (#1799)
[JENKINS-52944] Pass milliseconds to TimeDuration (#1794)
[JENKINS-53197] Allows pre and post-2.125 versions of Jenkins core to pass (#1798)

Upgrade jira plugin to 3.0.1 removing perforce Plugin security advisory (#1797)

Update pipeline-related plugins to the latest versions (#1806)

BitBucket Server errors not shown properly(#1795)
Surefire and jacoco plugins upgrade (#1804)
Fixes expression and supplement i10n (#1801)
Remove unsued accept header (#1800)

1.8.2 (August 16, 2018)

All Changes

[JENKINS-53048] Fix rendering of sequential parallel stages (#1792)

Correctly close ByteBuffer in try resources (#1788)

Get rid of HipChat send (#1791)

1.8.1 (August 16, 2018)

Unsuccessful release please do not install

1.8.0 (August 14, 2018)

New Feature

[JENKINS-49050] Support for sequential parallel stages (#1784)

All Changes

[JENKINS-49779] sequential parallel first parent null (#1787)

[JENKINS-49050] Add support for sequential parallel stages (#1784)

[JENKINS-49779] Feature/sequentiel add more tests (#1779)

[JENKINS-52862] Fix for Synchronization issue in pipeline SSE event publishing (#1781)

[JENKINS-49779] sequential stages inside parallel in Declarative syntax (#1778)

[JENKINS-52307] Loading of jobs in top-level raises javascript error (#1775)

Update to latest parent pom (#1770)

Update (#1771)

1.7.2, 1.5.2 (August 7, 2018)

[JENKINS-52862] Fix for Synchronization issue in pipeline SSE event publishing

1.7.1 (July 18, 2018)

[JENKINS-52307] add more null check (#1775)

1.7.0 (July 13, 2018)

New Features

  • JENKINS-48643 - I can use the Blue Ocean pipeline visualization to restart a declarative stage Closed  Restartable Stages for declarative pipelines

All Changes

[] Upgrade selenium container to pick up newer chrome, selenium (#1772)

[] add support for restartable stages (#1769)

[] fix npe with empty matrix projects (#1768)

[] Node Api enhancement restartable flag and restart command (#1766)

[] Expand passed unit tests (#1765)

[] Un-deprecation of some constructor calls and pipeline code (#1764)

[] Improve 'Try BlueOcean'  action handling (#1745)

[] protect against possible IllegalArgumentException (#1758)

[] De-flake BitbucketServerTest (#1756)

[] replace Object.values because it doesn't work in older browsers (#1757)

[] Prevent onClick of generated syntetic events in dropDown (#1752)

[] Create experimental BlueOcean image with JDK 10 support (#1754)

[] upgrade to plugins parent 3.15 (#1753)

[] Update to Jenkins LTS 2.121.1 (#1763)

Remove generation of user filesystem SSH key (#1759) (#1760)

1.6.2 (June 29, 2018)


JENKINS-52130 - Replace the use of Object.values because it doesn't work in older browsers Closed  Fix browser compatibility regression: replace Object.values because it doesn't work in older browsers

JENKINS-52101 - Possible IllegalArgumentException when enabling -Dblueocean.collectRuns.threads= Closed  Protect against possible IllegalArgumentException

1.6.1, 1.5.1 (June 23, 2018)


Removed auto-creation of SSH key on the Jenkins master filesystem.

1.6.0 (June 19, 2018)

New features and enhancements

JENKINS-45614 - Activity tab is really slow Closed  Performance/activity tab slow (#1744)

JENKINS-51206 - Blueocean-github-pipeline needs updated jackson-databind Resolved  [JENKINS-51387] jira-plugin 3.0.0 (#1739)

JENKINS-47247 - Allow roundtrip editing for http/https repositories Resolved  Git https auth round trip (#1720)

JENKINS-48075 - Show next/prev links in results screen Closed  add next/prev links to run details screen (#1722)

All other fixes and enhancements Avoid (#1750) Showing all artifacts (#1748) Remove title from timeDuration in order to reduce CPU usage (#1746) JWT response should have status code 204 since it does not provide content (#1742) reduce the CPU ussage of the SVG spinners (#1740) Link to home should not full refresh (#1734) Test for stage deletion from the editor, plus parallelPipeline simplifications (#1733) change the pipeline selection highlight (#1732) use last httpcomponents version and snapshot of jira … (#1729) Fix go to classic link in the pipeline editor (#1731) Make branch selector icon clickable (#1730) Bump up plugin versions (#1681) ATH for stopping running jobs, plus simplified EditorPage code (#1724)

 Update text on create pipeline page (#1728)

Pipeline Editor - check if pipeline has sequential parallel stages and show error (#1749)

1.5.0 (April 11, 2018)

Key new features and enhancements

JENKINS-38323 - Developer can drag and drop to reorder steps within a stage Closed  Developer can drag and drop to reorder steps within a stage in Pipelin Editor

JENKINS-38339 - UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step In Review  UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step

JENKINS-43588 - Developer can paginate the artifacts tab Resolved  Developer can paginate the artifacts tab

JENKINS-44995 - Very slow activity/pipeline screen load (often when logged in) Closed   JENKINS-48868 - blue ocean dashboard taking more than 50s to load. Closed  Performance fix for Dashboard load time

JENKINS-48074 - Show full log in case of no steps and no stages for a failed run Closed  Show full log in case of no steps and no stages for a failed run

JENKINS-49036 - Long log lines don't break and wrap Closed  Long log lines don't break and wrap

JENKINS-49297 - input step in post directive is never prompted within Blue Ocean Closed  Capture missing input steps from post declarative block (#1694)

All Change Log Bitbucket Cloud save content linkage error (#1715) Some part of the code uses object.assign which needs to be polyfill to support IE11  (#1698) (#1711) Fix node graph visitor log levels (#1705) Fix jira-plugin binary compatibility issue (#1704) Fix for java.util.NoSuchElementException error (#1703) Fix parallel stages not rendering properly if skipped by failed previous stage (#1702) Fix the issue with downstream build URL generation, and add some snarky FIXMEs which I will address in a seperate PR (#1699) Bulk format ALL THE THINGS (#1693) Capture missing input steps from post declarative block (#1694) vulnerabilities in bo js dependencies (#1688) Table action buttons hidden until hover (#1685) remove columns from props (#1687) go to classic link missing in invalid input param (#1676) UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step(#1675) Fix for BB server defult branch API in bb server >= 5.6.0 (#1678) Dropdown defaultOption have to include object as valid input type Javadoc generation is failing in master Avoid detached head on checkout Using "t" key switches focus to search box, when running a build with param entry field on blue ocean home page blueocean 1.4.0 pipeline results screen does not allow clicking on parallel stages Long log lines don't break and wrap Pipelines failing when no Cause of Blockage found Unreadable Data errors with BlueOceanUrlObjectImpl/modelObject blue ocean dashboard taking more than 50s to load. Blue Ocean plug-in causes stack overflow for big pipeline jobs checkout scm fails silently after "Could not determine exact tip revision of <branch>" in logs NPE in BlueOcean REST API / JIRA interaction "TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" for i18n title Show full log in case of no steps and no stages for a failed run Lightweight checkout not working for branches that contain forward slash '/' Browser back behaviour for result screen is broken Pull Requests pagination refreshes Github Server must have /api/v3 appended Audit tooltips for icons Remove dead config files from ATH that came from stand alone repo DropDown is loosing focus on selection of an option Download All button is broken on artifacts Very slow activity/pipeline screen load (often when logged in) Developer can paginate the artifacts tab Remove unneeded dependencies (markdown, redux) Show triggers for jobs if upstream job (with link) UI for downstream jobs launched with 'build' step Developer can drag and drop to reorder steps within a stage  Removing view on workspace delete doesn't work if view name contains variables

PRs without JIRA tickets

Comments spelling (#1672

publish new version of the JDL for JENKINS-47022 (#1654

Use the right ExtensionPoint class (#1644

Propose a couple of spelling corrections - trailing whitespace ? (#1634

Add Chinese localization for pipeline editor (#1629

Add Chinese translation (#1617

Typescript support (#1692)

Spelling repository (#1682)

1.4.2 (February 16, 2018)

JENKINS-47022 - DropDown is loosing focus on selection of an option Closed  

1.4.1 (February 8, 2018)

JENKINS-48198 - "TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" for i18n title Reopened

JENKINS-49272 - blueocean 1.4.0 pipeline results screen does not allow clicking on parallel stages Closed

1.4.0 (January 17th 2018)

JENKINS-45082 - MS Edge: Loading wheels don't animate Closed

JENKINS-46657 - blue ocean currentBuild.displayName should show in RUN column in place of number Closed

JENKINS-46017 - Developer wants to see links to Github issues/PRs Resolved

JENKINS-43201 - BlueOcean: when browser size is smaller than pipeline, we're unable to scroll to the beginning of the pipeline Closed

JENKINS-45719 - Description for a pipeline run is not compatible and cannot be disabled Open

JENKINS-47211 - Prevent Step Descriptions from overflowing Closed

JENKINS-44888 - Link commit lozenge to Changes tab on pipeline run Resolved

Upgrade react version:

Upgrade maven front end plugin version:

JENKINS-46104 - Branch name field for `Commit to new branch` allows spaces, and probably shouldn't Closed

JENKINS-47357 - Error during pipeline save from Bitbucket Closed

JENKINS-46660 - Modify creation flows to take the user directly to the pipeline editor when no Jenkinsfiles found Resolved

JENKINS-47361 - Create flow: Loaded '38' repositories has unnecessary single quotes Closed

Remove jsch:

JENKINS-46388 - GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket Server: Enter key does not submit Server URL when creating a new Pipeline Closed

JENKINS-46812 - Test results always show duration as "A few seconds" Closed

Toast button default value typo:

JENKINS-45182 - In progress log should be collapsed by default Resolved

JENKINS-46335 - Pipeline graph flashes when updating Closed

JENKINS-47504 - PipelineMetadataServiceTest.declarativeAgents() test fails in PCT Closed

Switch to chrome for selenium tests:

JENKINS-47297 - Clean up spurious "TypeError: already read" warnings in browser console Closed

(developer productivity) Javascript modules core-js and jdl are now hpi/plugins, with autowatch in dev mode enabled when using "hpi:run"

JENKINS-47378 - Update baseline to Jenkins 2.73.2 and Java 8 Resolved

Allow ATH run against a locally running instance:

JENKINS-47491 - SVG elements should not be focused by default on IE11 Resolved

JENKINS-43746 - Update step heading to include selected parallel and live duration Closed

JENKINS-47054 - Bitbucket API access with HTTP proxy configuration Resolved

JENKINS-46474 - Docker input text boxes too small in Blue Ocean Closed

JENKINS-46490 - Dynamic parallel step appears two times with one element Reopened

Simplify dashboard API:

JENKINS-41205 - Stage graph unsuitable for large and/or complex pipelines Resolved

JENKINS-47788 - choice input pull-down protrudes from the screen, so I can't select the item below Closed

JENKINS-47888 - Run button not visible on the PR tab Closed

JENKINS-47749 - End-to-end test case for creating parallel pipelines via the editor Resolved

JENKINS-47513 - Test logs do not wrap (and possibly pipeline logs) Closed

JENKINS-47835 - Favoriting a matrix job breaks blueocean favourites Closed

JENKINS-47984 - Adding Bitbucket server with http instead of https URL breaks Creation flow Closed

JENKINS-47887 - IE11 Pipeline Editor doesn't start (InvalidCharacterError) Closed

JENKINS-45393 - ATH for Bitbucket Server Resolved

JENKINS-47490 - Running steps indicator is stuck at 33% progress Closed

JENKINS-27395 - distinguish test reports filed from different parts of workflow Resolved

JENKINS-47918 - Installing plugins with to docker image created from jenkinsci/blueocean fails Closed

JENKINS-47339 - Add Rebuild action for users who can Build but not Replay (was: Users with only Job/Configure shouldn't be able to replay jobs) Resolved

JENKINS-48307 - Entry field for the personal access token doesn't trim blank space Resolved

JENKINS-47649 - Clicking on some parts of the row will not open item Closed

JENKINS-48268 - Embedded issue links (JIRA, GitHub) on multibranch "Branches" tab do not navigate to external site when clicked Closed

JENKINS-48620 - "New Pipeline" from within Blue Ocean cannot Discover Pull Requests Resolved

JENKINS-48416 - Pipelines created in Blue Ocean should default to clean workspace Resolved

JENKINS-47219 - Conditional parallel stages are not rendered properly if skipped Closed

JENKINS-42920 - Developer should see error message for failed input step Closed

1.3.5 (December 13th 2017)

JENKINS-47158 - Warnings about workflow/*-parallel-synthetic.xml serializing WorkflowRun objects Closed

1.3.4 (December 4th 2017)

JENKINS-48285 - Fix test Closed

JENKINS-48497 - Don't redraw log when streaming Resolved

1.3.3 (November 16th 2017)

JENKINS-47480 - Blue Ocean: Error rendering PipelineRunGraph Closed

JENKINS-41205 - Stage graph unsuitable for large and/or complex pipelines Resolved

1.3.2 (November 9th 2017)

Removed Jetty workaround (no functional change):

1.3.1 (October 28th 2017)

JENKINS-47504 - PipelineMetadataServiceTest.declarativeAgents() test fails in PCT Closed  Fix for test failure in plugin compatibility suite

JENKINS-47509 - BlueOcean triggering an oddly large amount of work due to simple getAction call on Run Closed  Performance improvement when calculating blue ocean url for "blue ocean" link

JENKINS-46657 - blue ocean currentBuild.displayName should show in RUN column in place of number Closed  Use displayName for run id column if it is is set in build

JENKINS-47248 - Add a warning note for non-SSH Git creation Resolved  Warn user if they use non ssh git they will not be able to save changes to pipeline from the editor

JENKINS-47249 - Remove the "Name parallel group" dialog Resolved  Remove the unneeded "name parallel group" in editor

1.3.0 (October 11th 2017)

JENKINS-46948 - Hyperlinks in logs Resolved  http links in logs are now clickable links

JENKINS-46913 - Hyperlink in step description Resolved  http links in step descriptions are clickable links

JENKINS-47083 - Upgrade to declarative 1.2 Closed  use Declarative Pipeline version 1.2 with new parallel syntax style

JENKINS-47042 - GithubFactory needs to work with proxy servers configured in jenkins Closed  support use of Github for users behind a corporate proxy

JENKINS-35882 - Trends Reopened  feature flagged "trends" extension point and client (to show tests and execution trends)

JENKINS-45333 - Run PCT over blue ocean Resolved  Make blue ocean pass the "plugin compatibility test suite" 

JENKINS-45391 - Job parameter entry dialog does not say what the parameter is Closed  show name for parameter (parametrised pipelines)

JENKINS-45920 - Developer wants to see links to JIRA ticket in the commit table Closed  JIRA integration, if you use JIRA and a ticket is mentioned in a commit, it will be linked

JENKINS-46879 - When editing a pipeline permissions are checked against root Jenkins instead of the folder the pipeline is in Closed  check permissions of folder pipeline is being created in vs root

JENKINS-46866 - Refactor Jira integration in to its own module Resolved  JIRA integration is externalised into its own module vs built in

JENKINS-46778 - Robustify issue factory Resolved  Issue tracker integration should not fail if plugin returns errors

JENKINS-38442 - View sequential stages in the pipeline visualization graph Closed  Pipeline graph future enhancement to allow more complex graphs

JENKINS-41960 - Developer can change stage and parallel level configuration Resolved  Per stage configuration in editor now supported (for parallel and serial stages) Chinese translation

JENKINS-43148 - Support native Git for pipeline creation and editing Resolved  support for creating and editing pipelines with plain git servers (ssh) metrics plugin (brought in in 1.2) has been removed as a required plugin

JENKINS-44985 - Russian translation Resolved  Improvements to russian translation

JENKINS-46458 - Unable to create projects based on personal repos in Bitbucket Server Closed  Support personal repos in Bitbucket Server

JENKINS-45240 - Remove organization folders Resolved  Multibranch pipelines are used instead of Organization folders

JENKINS-46156 - Cannot execute cleanup sh steps after aborting a scripted pipeline via the Blue Ocean UI Closed  When a job is stopped cleanup steps get a chance to run (less aggressive stop behavior)

JENKINS-47310 - Editing github pipeline with no push access to repo results in blank editor page Resolved  Handle case where user editing github pipeline does not have push access

JENKINS-47146 - Extremely slow queuing time due to blue ocean Closed  Avoid heavy call to run history when lots of jobs triggered

JENKINS-45589 - Exceptions with pubsub spamming log spam Closed  Don't spam log with pubsub log spamming

1.2.4 (September 20th 2017)

JENKINS-46452 - NullPointerException pipeline failure around checkout Closed

1.2.3 (September 19th 2017)

JENKINS-46778 - Robustify issue factory Resolved

Remove mandatory dependency on metrics:

1.2.2 (September 15th 2017)

  • JENKINS-46879 - When editing a pipeline permissions are checked against root Jenkins instead of the folder the pipeline is in Closed
  • JENKINS-46866 - Refactor Jira integration in to its own module Resolved
  • JENKINS-45475 - The 'Go to Classic Item Creation' will create the item on jenkins root instead of BO Organization Root Closed

1.2.1 (September 10th 2017)

JENKINS-46704 - REGRESSION: Unable to save branch with editor Closed

1.2.0 (August 22nd 2017)

FeatureJENKINS-41295Support Bitbucket Server in Blue Ocean
FeatureJENKINS-41294Support Bitbucket Cloud in Blue Ocean
FeatureJENKINS-40855GitHub Enterprise support
FeatureJENKINS-40616publishHTML support for HTML reports
FeatureJENKINS-39628Handle skipped stages and parallels in the Pipeline Graph
FeatureJENKINS-44106Dashboard table links should not be blue
FeatureJENKINS-44105Update branch filter for new table
FeatureJENKINS-44985Russian translation
FeatureJENKINS-44107Commit lozenge is not styled correctly
FeatureJENKINS-41833Update table design
FeatureJENKINS-43906Creation tests for "Git" flow
FeatureJENKINS-44667Add read/write implementation for Bitbucket Cloud
FeatureJENKINS-44666Add read/write implementation for Bitbucket Server
FeatureJENKINS-44931Clean up "Go to Classic" link and icon for pipelines
FeatureJENKINS-39635Right click on expander should not open the test result
FeatureJENKINS-44672Update default page title
FeatureJENKINS-44698Test that editor can create a Jenkinsfile in a new branch
FeatureJENKINS-44595Audit frontend code to ensure that we use the displayName of the organization
FeatureJENKINS-44960Fast search feedback
FeatureJENKINS-39657Runtime JavaScript bundle analyser for Chrome Dev Tools
FeatureJENKINS-45292Dropdown should allow custom footer
FeatureJENKINS-45350BlueOcean Job URL environment variable
FeatureJENKINS-44829Add search component to pipelines screen
FeatureJENKINS-44831Initial display of pipelines is slow
FeatureJENKINS-44722API token text box should be a password field
FeatureJENKINS-45217Allow custom title in Dropdown
FeatureJENKINS-45558Editor button does not match new button style
FeatureJENKINS-45144Anonymous user analytics
FeatureJENKINS-43083Improve unit and integration tests and avoid relying on E2E (ATH) for front end code
FeatureJENKINS-45562Use the Bitbucket logo and appropriate spelling
FeatureJENKINS-45944Replace hardcoded _class comparison by capability
FeatureJENKINS-45922Add support for multi-branch pipeline Jenkinsfile edit/save and indexing
FeatureJENKINS-45594Update incompatible server message
FeatureJENKINS-45560Bitbucket username and password fields should be full width
FeatureJENKINS-46069Edit and save bitbucket pipeline using pipeline editor
FeatureJENKINS-45561Use correct terminology for Bitbucket when selecting "organisations"
FeatureJENKINS-44932Root navigation link is /blue rather than /blue/
FeatureJENKINS-43978Really long cause messages blow out results screen
FeatureJENKINS-45186Header link should be a real anchor, not just a clickable element
FeatureJENKINS-45016Branch filter clear behaviour
BugJENKINS-44760Search is missing the clear button
BugJENKINS-44961Fix hotspot performance issue for Branch and PR metadata lookup
BugJENKINS-44759Search isn't URL safe
BugJENKINS-44881Blue Ocean cannot be opened after upgrade: Chrome browser fluttering
BugJENKINS-44866PR tab "branch history" link does not work with job in folder
BugJENKINS-44964NPE in logs when browsing Maven projects
BugJENKINS-43208Very slow dashboard and /search response in some cases (slowing dashboard load)
BugJENKINS-44959Duration is missing on activity page
BugJENKINS-42395If the jenkins banner is customized the "open blue ocean" button gets covered on a narrow screen (< 1060)
BugJENKINS-44865rundetail.tests.results.fixed is a label
BugJENKINS-44926StackOverflow loading build history when Gerrit plugin is installed
BugJENKINS-44922Table and table empty state top spacing
BugJENKINS-44752Blue Ocean will not load - ExtensionStore.init error
BugJENKINS-44921Action buttons in new tables do not match the design
BugJENKINS-43968Handle long branch names
BugJENKINS-44522Top-level navigation does not show selected state
BugJENKINS-45360creating a pipeline with a duplicate name does not fail gracefully with custom Org
BugJENKINS-45442When a custom organisation is in use pipeline creation checks permissions on jenkins rather than the organistion root
BugJENKINS-45482modifying existing github org incorrect behaviour if custom blue ocean org in use
BugJENKINS-45748Wrong organization URL on PR build notifications
BugJENKINS-45589Exceptions with pubsub spamming log spam
BugJENKINS-45766Cherry pick organisation fixes from 1.1.0-release branch
BugJENKINS-45849js-extensions unit tests fail
BugJENKINS-43201BlueOcean: when browser size is smaller than pipeline, we're unable to scroll to the beginning of the pipeline
BugJENKINS-45703OrganizationStatePreloader uses Jenkins root to look for the organization
BugJENKINS-46009Pipeline graph on safari is incorrectly placed to the left
BugJENKINS-46070PR page broken on dogfood
BugJENKINS-45804User permissions are checked against Jenkins instead of Organization base
BugJENKINS-45470CacheLoader returned null for key ... exceptions in logs
BugJENKINS-42131JDL Dropdowns in wrong place on Firefox
BugJENKINS-43861Input parameter modal grows too wide when parameters have lengthy text values
BugJENKINS-45123When branch name is long the github link disappears
BugJENKINS-45083MS Edge: `X` icon to delete Pipeline Search text appears early, and eventually twice
BugJENKINS-44718Step description does not show ellipsis when truncated
BugJENKINS-40163Baseline shift in breadcrumbs
BugJENKINS-45011Commit has in run result header is not clickable
BugJENKINS-42975No hover text shown for Edit and Close buttons on toolbar
BugJENKINS-45192Action icon buttons don't have any tooltips
BugJENKINS-46025REST APIs responses are not set with appropriate cache controls

1.1.7 (August 11th 2017)

JENKINS-45804 - User permissions are checked against Jenkins instead of Organization base Closed  

JENKINS-46025 - REST APIs responses are not set with appropriate cache controls Closed  

1.1.6 (August 7th 2017)

Fixes for multiple security issues

1.1.5 (July 24th 2017)

(very minor maintenance release)

JENKINS-45703 Allow "organizations" which are in a folder, not at the root (where things are saved)

JENKINS-45442 Allow pipelines to be created in a folder with correct permissions check

JENKINS-45360 Fail gracefully when creating a pipeline of a duplicate name

1.1.4 (July 3rd 2017)

Note: 1.1.3 was a problematic partial binary release, it will be blacklisted from the update center. Please do not install 1.1.3 binaries if you see them in the update center. 

1.1.2 (June 19th, 2017)

1.1.1 (June 15th, 2017)

1.1.0 (June 12th, 2017)


Need to show the "cause of blockage" message for a Pipeline

2017-01-302017-05-11James DumayJames Dumay

Developer can jump to the run history for a specific branch and pull request

2016-08-082017-05-12Paul DragoonisJames Dumay

Handle pagination for tests

2016-09-082017-06-06James DumayJames Dumay

Automatic build for Jenkins Blueocean Dockerhub image

2017-05-092017-06-06Yoann DubreuilMarcin Milewski

Developer would like to see why the Pipeline has been triggered

2017-01-112017-06-06James DumayJames Dumay

Blue Ocean should respect build.displayName

2016-11-182017-06-06James DumayJulien Pivotto

Heavy page when there are 25k tests on the test result screen

2017-01-312017-06-06James DumayJames Dumay

Branch filtering dropdown unsorted

2017-03-302017-06-06David GuanBen Walding

Move toasts from bottom left to bottom right

2016-09-232017-06-06UnassignedJames Dumay

By default we should not return actions

2017-04-202017-06-06Vivek PandeyJames Dumay

Branch filter should use same order as branch tab

2017-04-302017-06-06James DumayJames Dumay

User would like to have a fast smart search to find jobs from the dashboard

2016-10-142017-06-06Nicolae PascuMichael Neale

Developer can see a description for a pipeline run

2017-02-062017-06-28James DumayMartin Noack

Blue Ocean Test Results fail to load over https

2017-03-222017-04-14James DumayJonathan Brito

Run declarative pipeline job with parameters fails if description is null

2017-03-272017-04-19Ivan MeredithBen Walding

stage and pipeline view is empty

2017-03-282017-04-19Sam Van OortTian Peng

Stopping a freestyle job will sometimes fail

2017-03-202017-04-19James DumayIsa Vilacides

PipelineRunImpl.replay assumes the task is still in the queue

2016-11-292017-04-20James DumayTom FENNELLY

Pipeline creation does not work when security is disabled.

2017-04-042017-04-26Cliff MeyersMaicon Pereira

Artifacts cannot be accessed when pipeline is paused for input or executing

2017-04-142017-04-26James DumayErik Lattimore

Can only select top node of parallel nodes while job is in progress.

2017-02-242017-04-21Thorsten Scherleraustin stoker

UI Not Refreshing When Starting a Build

2017-02-252017-04-21Thorsten ScherlerJosh Axelman

BlueOcean favorite permisson bug

2017-04-102017-04-21Vivek PandeyRoman Malík

Skipped tests should not use "unstable" coloring

2017-03-012017-04-24James DumayDaniel Beck

ClassNotFoundException for org.jenkinsci.plugins.pubsub.MessageException

2017-04-052017-04-25Vivek Pandeyemanuelez

REGRESSION: IE11 not working in blue ocean 1.1 (beta) due to preferences module being non compatible

2017-04-272017-04-28Keith ZantowJames Nord

Dashboard pagination scrolls to top of screen

2017-04-192017-04-28Cliff MeyersJames Dumay

SSE event subscription should be organization aware

2017-03-312017-04-29Vivek PandeyJames Dumay

REGRESSION: Parallel nodes are not selectable in running pipeline

2017-04-212017-05-01Thorsten ScherlerJames Dumay

Blue Ocean: NullPointerException when importing a GitHub project, deletes organization

2017-04-102017-04-17James DumayWenzel Jakob

Stage listing flashes "no steps" when loading a stage for the first time (Karaoke repair)

2016-09-272017-05-11Thorsten ScherlerMichael Neale

BlueOcean organization root ItemGroup not taken into account when creating a new pipeline

2017-05-102017-05-11Vivek PandeyAlvaro Lobato

Intermittent test: abortInput –

2017-05-122017-05-12Vivek PandeyJames Dumay

Requesting classes that don't exist on the classpath should return empty array

2017-03-312017-05-12Vivek PandeyJames Dumay

Build log is scrolled down unconditionally on update

2017-02-092017-04-21Thorsten ScherlerDaniel Beck

BlueOcean organization root ItemGroup not taken into account for search and displayname

2017-05-102017-05-15Alvaro LobatoAlvaro Lobato

Replay does not include changesets

2017-05-142017-05-15James DumayJames Dumay

Activity/Branch dashboard show pipeline library commit instead of actual built commit

2017-03-152017-05-17Vivek PandeyFranz B.

REGRESSION: step header disappears then reappears when expanded

2017-04-292017-05-17Cliff MeyersJames Dumay

Make Blue Ocean link url resolution extensible by plugins and take into account Organizations

2017-05-112017-05-22Vivek PandeyAlvaro Lobato

docker not found for ATH run

2017-05-122017-05-22Ivan MeredithJames Dumay

REGRESSION: Cannot load changes tab

2017-05-172017-05-19Cliff MeyersJames Dumay

Jump to branch history shows encoded name in branch selector

2017-05-142017-05-20Nicolae PascuJames Dumay

REGRESSION: Unable to save pipeline from editor

2017-05-232017-05-24Vivek PandeyMichael Neale

REGRESSION: link to classic from home page doesn't work

2017-05-232017-05-24Vivek PandeyMichael Neale

Test coverage for blueocean-rest-impl

2017-04-282017-05-24Vivek PandeyVivek Pandey

Lint and JS test failures don't actually fail the build

2017-05-162017-05-24Cliff MeyersCliff Meyers

lastSuccessfulRun URL should be relative

2017-03-312017-05-25James DumayJames Dumay

Blue Ocean organization displayName not being exposed or used

2017-05-292017-06-01Vivek PandeyAlvaro Lobato

Poor performance removing a folder when Favorite plugin is installed

2017-05-312017-06-01James DumayDarío Villadiego

Blue Ocean organizations enabled/disabled should be runtime configurable and not only with a system property

2017-05-222017-06-01Alvaro LobatoAlvaro Lobato

Show more log is not working properly

2017-05-312017-06-01Cliff MeyersIvan Meredith

Rerun button shows on UI even when the run cannot be rerun - enhance to have a replayable property

2017-03-212017-06-01James DumaySpencer Malone

blueocean-display-url tests are failing if run in systems without git

2017-06-012017-06-02Vivek PandeyRaul Arabaolaza

SSE Events ignored on activity page when a custom Org factory is used

2017-06-022017-06-04Vivek PandeyAntonio Muñiz

Improve test coverage of blueocean-git-pipeline module

2017-04-282017-05-25Vivek PandeyVivek Pandey

Improve test coverage of blueocean-pipeline-api-impl module

2017-04-282017-05-29Vivek PandeyVivek Pandey

REGRESSION: Loading worm turns white too early when loading dashboard

2017-04-282017-06-05Nicolae PascuMichael Neale

when using the branch filter on the activity tab the design "jumps" to the right.

2017-05-042017-06-06Nicolae PascuThorsten Scherler

activity stream should load data paginated for smaller response sizes

2017-05-262017-06-06Vivek PandeyMichael Neale

During pipeline step duration reported incorrectly

2017-03-092017-06-30Andrew BayerStephen Catt

1.0.1 (April 11th, 2017)

1.0.0 (General Availability, April 5th, 2017)

  • Version number change only from 1.0.0-rc4

1.0.0-rc4 (April 3rd, 2017)

1.0.0-rc3 (March 28th, 2017)

  • JENKINS-41737 - Dashboard screen when there are no pipelines Resolved  Show empty state graphic on the dashboard when it is totally empty 
  • JENKINS-42872 - Inputs with multiple approvers do not work Closed  Support for input that has a list of approvers/roles allowed to approve a pipeline
  • JENKINS-42105 - Update all text copy for Github creation flow Resolved  Updated text for creating pipelines in github

1.0.0-rc2 (March 24th, 2017)

1.0.0-rc1 (March 15th, 2017) - "Beware the ides of March"

1.0.0-b25 (March 6th, 2017) – "No, really this time, the last beta"

  • PR-817 Update dependencies of pipeline and friends for bug fixes
  • JENKINS-42119 update the design for the "creation flow"
  • JENKINS-42040 Run results screen timer is reset when job is rerun correctly
  • JENKINS-38752 Link to a branch history 
  • PR-882 Tweak branch sort order
  • JENKINS-42163 Save to github api
  • JENKINS-41642 Handle case when favouriting a pipeline fails
  • JENKINS-41662 Fixed a bug when there were concurrent sessions both trying to approve a pipeline waiting on input
  • JENKINS-42408 Only show admin link when user is admin
  • PR-870 Can set the context path via -Djetty.contextPath=bob at dev time
  • JENKINS-42103 handle case when github token has been revoked
  • JENKINS-42106 creation flow scrolls window to appropriate place
  • JENKINS-38751 links to "escape" back to classic"
  • JENKINS-41870 new compact duration format
  • PR-840 preview of editor is bundled
  • JENKINS-42273 Prompt user to create github token with correct permissions already requested
  • JENKINS-35768 Filter activity view to show a branch history

1.0.0-b24 (Feb 22nd, 2017) – The Final Countdown

1.0.0-b23 (Feb 14th, 2017)

  • JENKINS-41566 Reconnect ping request goes crazy
  • JENKINS-41341 Standardize form descriptions
  • JENKINS-41874 Regression: loading worm is blue
  • JENKINS-41348 'github' credentialId doesn't work when creating GitHub org folder
  • JENKINS-40924 Regression: Queued freestyle jobs do not show up on Activity
  • JENKINS-41717 Blue Ocean - Steps section should show full log for given step.
  • JENKINS-38597 User can create pipeline from Git repository
  • JENKINS-40929 Developer can see durations when hovering on indicators
  • JENKINS-41779 Regression: Aborted header is not grey
  • JENKINS-41542 Run details design update
  • JENKINS-41832 master uses 100% cpu in jenkinsci.plugins.pubsub.listeners.SyncQueueListener()
  • JENKINS-41780 Regression: unknown indicator for aborted stage
  • JENKINS-41599 Regression: Title doesn't change when clicking "Pipelines" header link
  • JENKINS-41280 Hide organization prefix from UI
  • JENKINS-41783 Editor link in header is incorrectly placed in the new design
  • JENKINS-40880 Performance: Do not return action proxies that are not exported beans
  • JENKINS-41784 Regression: auto-scroll 
  • JENKINS-39762 Update application header
  • JENKINS-39763 Update pipeline run header
  • JENKINS-38496 Aborted state should not look like failure
  • JENKINS-38088 Allow rerun of all runs
  • JENKINS-40627 A multibranch project with no branches (only pull requests) breaks when you click on branches tab
  • JENKINS-41162 Prevent XSS from Input
  • JENKINS-36783 Artifact download links rely on mime type to determine download vs. view
  • Add Australian Translation (Are you happy, Benno?)
  • Upgrade to latest dependencies

1.0.0-b22 (Feb 7th, 2017)

  • Upgrade to SCM API 2.0 and Github Branch Source 2.0 for improved reliability 
  • Upgrade to latest versions of Jenkins Pipeline components for improved reliability and bug fixes
  • Upgrade to Declarative Pipeline 1.0
  • JENKINS-39864 Page title should include branch name and run number
  • JENKINS-41501 Fix regression where activity pagination would reload the page  

1.0.0-b21 (Feb 1st, 2017) 

1.0.0-b20 (Jan 26th, 2017) 

This was a fast release as there was an incompatible change introduced into a plugin. If people upgraded to all the latest plugins across their Jenkins, blue ocean may not operate correctly. 
This release remedies that. 

If you are using b19, please do upgrade to 20 when you can before upgrading all your plugins. 

1.0.0-b19 (Jan 24th, 2017) 

1.0.0-b18 (Jan 19th, 2017) 

1.0.0-b17 (Jan 13th, 2017) 

  • JENKINS-40977 Fix for unexpected identifier unhandled error when following along a pipeline
  • JENKINS-40487 Preload run results data when navigating directly to a run page (optimisation to avoid a round trip)
  • Official docker image on docker hub (jenkinsci/blueocean)

1.0.0-b16 (Jan 12th, 2017) 

1.0.0-b15 (Jan 8th, 2017) 

  • JENKINS-38494 Support for input steps (ie pipeline paused for human input)
  • JENKINS-40730 French translations for blue ocean! 
  • JENKINS-40741 Remove problematic action from response to speed by listing (optimisation)
  • JENKINS-40662 Fix bug for linking directly to results screen
  • JENKINS-38492 Result header handles "waiting for input" state 
  • JENKINS-38150 Handle postBuild and setup steps for Declarative Pipeline
  • JENKINS-38847 API to create a multibranch pipeline
  • JENKINS-40587 API for taking user input on a paused for input pipeline
  • JENKINS-40648 Update activity list via push when it changes to waiting for input state
  • JENKINS-40080 reduce number of requests for _classes by caching in local storage (optimisation)
  • JENKINS-37244 Fix inconsistent terminology for builds/runs/pipelines/jobs
  • JENKINS-39842 Fix to not load /activity for a folder
  • JENKINS-40738 Don't look for artifacts on disk if there aren't any (optimization)
  • JENKINS-40137 Fix Open Blue Ocean button for when branch contains a "/"
  • JENKINS-39789 API to list github orgs the user has access to
  • JENKINS-39790 API to validate github access token
  • JENKINS-40256 Update form controls and styles to match designs
  • JENKINS-38804 API for capturing parameters for parametrised jobs (UI support coming soon)

1.0.0-b14 (Dec 16th, 2016) - Yuletide Edition Pro

  • JENKINS-39907 Use proper "organisation name" vs the localised description. Fixes URLs for users of spanish, for example. 
  • (no issue) Tweaked names of modules to be more inline with Jenkins conventions
  • JENKINS-39225 Improve german translations, improve i18n documentation "how to"
  • INFRA-987 Ground work to publish an official blueocean docker image ready to use
  • JENKINS-39542 Test tab fix where failing tests would cause an error
  • JENKINS-40434 Fix regression for pagination on activity tab
  • JENKINS-40463 Fix for pagination regression on branches tab
  • JENKINS-39625 Page preload of data for screens - improve page load time by reducing number of requests to fetch data when user goes direct to, for example, a pipeline summary page. Extension points to add more to this. 
  • Much more enhancements to the Acceptance Tests for stability and to cover more features, preventing future regressions

1.0.0-b13 (Dec 9th, 2016)

  • JENKINS-36907 OrganizationImpl needs to not use Jenkins.getDisplayName
  • JENKINS-40194 Nested parallels blocks break rendering
  • JENKINS-40135 Stacktrace when loading nodes with a unicode/strange character path
  • JENKINS-39683 500 error preventing flow graph and steps from showing :(
  • JENKINS-39704 Autofavouriting breaks first build of a new job/branch
  • JENKINS-39852 REGRESSION: Loading worm never finishes on dashboard
  • JENKINS-37516 js-extensions tests failing and not run as part of prepublish
  • JENKINS-39871 Skipped stages should show up as unbuilt
  • JENKINS-39846 REGRESSION: incorrect capitalisation and stop button not visible in running build due to i18n
  • JENKINS-39775 EmptyStackException from PipelineNodeGraphVisitor.parallelBranchStart
  • JENKINS-39888 REGRESSION: opening/closing run dialog breaks scrolling of activity list and does not update window location
  • JENKINS-39158 A completed parallel branch isn't showing up as completed in karaoke mode
  • JENKINS-39229 Regression: Initial stage run does not show graph
  • JENKINS-37843 REGRESSION direct link to a queued detail is not working anymore
  • JENKINS-39809 404s pages are inconsistent - blank page, ugly 404 and flashy 404
  • JENKINS-39336 Cannot right click to open results from activity, branches, PR tab
  • JENKINS-39853 REGRESSION: alignment all wonky on branches listing
  • JENKINS-39953 Under some conditions clicking on activity forces a reload
  • JENKINS-39854 REGRESSION: activity/branch run status is not updated after closing karaoke mode
  • JENKINS-39992 REGRESSION: running a non multibranch job results in a duplicate run entry in /activities
  • JENKINS-38042 Update the UI to use the "display name" property rather than the "name" for Pipelines and Folders
  • JENKINS-40116 Crash on login when using blueocean plugin
  • JENKINS-39989 Core-js had(s) broken lint and tests - should be run as part of pipeline
  • JENKINS-39202 Pull request table should have pull request ID and branch name column
  • JENKINS-39225 i18n of blue ocean
  • JENKINS-37250 Rework stores for MobX
  • JENKINS-39764 API to fetch user avatar
  • JENKINS-39463 Integrate pipeline-model-definition 0.6
  • JENKINS-38325 We need a logo mark for Blue Ocean
  • JENKINS-38326 Redesign the headers hierarchy
  • JENKINS-39701 Design for Pipeline Graph "skipped" stages
  • JENKINS-39291 Form elements
  • JENKINS-39292 Rationalise the button design and styles
  • JENKINS-36936 Peer link to classic from blue ocean
  • JENKINS-35885 Setup automatic deployment of Blue Ocean for opened PRs
  • JENKINS-39371 Dialog component
  • JENKINS-39478 Select box / Dropdown component
  • JENKINS-39563 Basic form components
  • JENKINS-39624 OPTIMIZATION: Pre-load user data on page config object
  • JENKINS-39661 Investigate performance of Pipeline /activity and /runs REST endpoint
  • JENKINS-39761 Improve BlueRun loading performance with many artifacts
  • JENKINS-39627 Alignment of cog is off on Result
  • JENKINS-38330 Use the declarative model to show all stages and parallels to be executed
  • JENKINS-39927 REGRESSION: left most table column contents are out of alignment
  • JENKINS-39293 i18n should degrade to english on versions lower than 2.19.x
  • JENKINS-39891 Add i18n backend into a plugin and distribute with Blue Ocean

1.0.0-b12 (Nov 14, 2016):

  • Hyperlinks are used so you can right-click and open in a new tab: JENKINS-39336 
  • Pull Request has clearer column names/structure: JENKINS-39202
  • Autofavouriting: if you contribute to a change in a change set, that branch will automatically be favourited for you (and a card shown) JENKINS-36377
  • Config links for pipelines not go to config screen: JENKINS-39338
  • Fixed a case where sometimes no pipelines would show up on the dashboard at all: JENKINS-39587
  • "Try blue ocean" is now "Open blue ocean" and has both a new look and is contextual (ie opens equivalent page in blue ocean): JENKINS-39339
  • The beginning of the "create new pipeline" UX: JENKINS-38594
  • Fix where empty stages (with no steps) may not show pipeline graph: JENKINS-39425