Jenkins : Azure Commons Plugin

Plugin Information

View Azure Commons on the plugin site for more information.

A Jenkins plugin which provides common APIs for Azure related Jenkins plugins.

How to Install

You can install/update this plugin in Jenkins update center (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins, search Azure Commons Plugin).

You can also manually install the plugin if you want to try the latest feature before it's officially released. To manually install the plugin:

  1. Clone the repo and build:
    mvn package
  2. Open your Jenkins dashboard, go to Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins.
  3. Go to Advanced tab, under Upload Plugin section, click Choose File.
  4. Select azure-commons.hpi in target folder of your repo, click Upload.
  5. Restart your Jenkins instance after install is completed.


Azure Commons Plugin collects usage data and sends it to Microsoft to help improve our products and services. Read our privacy statement to learn more.

You can turn off usage data collection in Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Azure -> Help make Azure Jenkins plugins better by sending anonymous usage statistics to Azure Application Insights.


Version 1.0.4, 2019-07-18

  • Remove range dependencies
  • Fix possible block for network issues

Version 1.0.3, 2019-05-22

  • Remove some unnecessary logs

Version 1.0.2, 2019-05-13

  • Bump Jenkins baseline to 2.60.3, previous Jenkins version are not supported anymore
  • Reduce AI metrics

Version 0.2.11, 2019-04-15

  • Fix waiting for connection from pool issue

Version 0.2.10, 2019-03-28

  • Fix URL encoding issue for IMDS endpoint

Version 0.2.9, 2019-03-27

  • Use https request instead of AI sdk
  • Add support for Azure resources IMDS endpoint

Version 0.2.8, 2018-09-29

  • Downgrade Azure SDK to version 1.3.0

Version 0.2.7, 2018-09-18

  • Upgrade Azure SDK to version 1.15.1

Version 0.2.6, 2018-05-17

  • Whitelist classes for JEP-200 XStream serialization (JENKINS-51147)

Version 0.2.5, 2018-03-29

  • Fix AI for development environment
  • Add helper methods for scoped credentials look up

Version 0.2.4, 2018-01-09

  • Enable certificate based service principal authentication for Azure client

Version 0.2.3, 2018-01-03

  •  Enable remote MSI requests on Jenkins agents

Version, 2017-12-28

  • Split the core library package

Version 0.1.5, 2017-11-03

  • Fix SSH password credential issue on slave execution (#4)

Version 0.1.4, 2017-10-31

  • Support of MSI credentials for Azure client
  • Add Third Party Notices

Version, 2017-10-10

  • Remove runtime licenses

Version 0.1.1, 2017-09-26

  • Initial release