Jenkins : Anka Plugin


A Jenkins plugin to use Anka Build software to provision macOS VMs on-demand, on your on-premise macOS hardware.


  • Execute iOS/macOS Jenkins build and test jobs on on-premise macOS cloud infrastructure
  • Spins up prescribed macOS VMs on-demand for respective jobs on Anka Build macOS on-premise cloud
  • Provides Isolated, reproducible macOS CI environments on-demand using existing on-premise macOS hardware

How to Install

You can install/update this plugin in Jenkins update center (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins, search Anka Plugin).

You can also manually install the plugin if you want to try the latest feature before it's officially released. To manually install the plugin:

  1. Download the plugin from Veertu - Anka Build download Page.
  2. Open your Jenkins dashboard, go to Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins.
  3. Go to Advanced tab, under Upload Plugin section, click Choose File.
  4. Select anka-ci.hpi in target of your repo, click Upload.
  5. Restart your Jenkins instance after install is completed.

Provision and Manage macOS VMs on Anka Build private cloud


To use this plugin, first, you need the following.

  1. Veertu Anka Build cloud software configured on your macOS build and test hardware

How to use

  1. Go To Manage Jenkins, Configure System.
  2. Select COnfigure System.
  3. Select Add a new Cloud
  4. Then, follow the instructions in this link.