Jenkins : About this Confluence

This page describes user-defined macros and short-cut notations defined in this Wiki.

User macros


You can use the {comment}...{comment} macro to surround Wiki markups that you don't want to render. This macro still allows you to keep such text in Wiki.


The {advanced-plugin-topic} macro will render the boiler-plate header for advanced topics for plugin developers, as shown below:

If you are just getting started with writing a Jenkins plugin, then this is not something you need to worry about right now. Come back to this page when you got something working.


The {jenkins-plugin-info:pluginId=XXXX} macro will render basic information about a plugin like:

  • the latest release version and date
  • the maintainers
  • the link to the latest changes in SCM (either SVN or git) and issue tracker

Shortcut Links


[1234@issue] points to issue #1234 in the issue tracker.


[Jenkins@javadoc] points to the javadoc of jenkins.model.Jenkins. As long as the short class name is unique, that's sufficient, but you can also use a fully-qualified class name, like [jenkins.model.Jenkins@javadoc]


For additional suggestions, please send e-mails to the dev list.