Jenkins : Developer's Guide

This page is a helper for developers than want to get into Jenkins but are confused with strange APIs, unknown frameworks, and undocumented conventions. It doesn't expect to be a full technical documentation of Jenkins internals but the minimal survival guide for newbies contributor that want to start building plugins.

Plugin developer's Tutorial

As a starter, we will create a new plugin, following Gregory Boissinot's awesome "develop a plugin in 20 minutes" live session at breizhjug.

We will create a plugin to support the new generation build tool : GRaveN (as you know, Maven and Gradle merged in 2013 to create this awesome tool)

Part 1 : Create a new plugin introducing a custom build step

Part 2 : Manage global settings and tools installations

Part 3 : Execute some tasks and manage execution on slaves (soon)

Part 4 : Add custom Actions to extend the build

Part 5 : ?