Jenkins : 2.0 virtual conference

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Speaker: Unknown User (kohsuke)

This opening session will introduce Jenkins 2.0 and talk about some of the feedback we have received from users over the years which led to the 2.0 effort. Introducing the areas of focus for Jenkins 2, we will talk about the increased focus on continuous delivery and introduce Pipeline as code with a few examples. We'll also talk about the new user experience changes and the increased focus on usability with Jenkins 2.

Pipeline as Code Overview

Speaker: Unknown User (hrmpw)

In this session we will build off of Kohsuke's keynote and introduce more of the problems that Pipeline as code solves. We'll cover some practical examples of using Pipeline as code to automate continuous delivery and introduce some of the useful plugins/tools/patterns that make the Pipeline as code ecosystem richer.

Pipeline Deep-dive

Speaker: Unknown User (jglick) / Unknown User (kbhatia)

Let's dive deeper into Pipeline with some of the interesting tools and patterns built on top of Pipeline. We'll talk about Pipeline and Multibranch Pipeline projects, when you would use them and why. In this session we'll also cover some advanced features of Pipeline, like using the Global Library to extend the DSL for your own organization.

New UX Changes in 2.0

Speaker: Unknown User (kzantow)

This session will demonstrate much of the new interface and user experience changes in Jenkins 2.0.

Documentation lightning talk

Speaker: Unknown User (rtyler)

With the launch of, we have created the necessary infrastructure to consolidate user documentation in one place. This lightning talk will cover what documentation exists and how to find it easily.

Closing and the road beyond 2.0

Speaker: Unknown User (kohsuke)


Jenkins 2.0 - Documentation.pdf (application/pdf)
1. Keynote.pdf (application/pdf)
Pipeline as Code Overview - VC 2016.pdf (application/pdf)